Sunday, March 16, 2014


Friday night we were invited to friends' house, and we wanted to bring some brownies along.

Little Miss and mama got busy.

Ingredients needed:

1 Regular brownie mix (+ eggs, oil, etc)
1 Gluten-free brownie mix (+ eggs, butter, vanilla, etc)
Chocolate chips
Hershey's mint chocolate kisses
Plenty of silliness and happiness
Camera snapping pics on self-timer

Baking was fun, the brownies turned yummy, we had a lot of fun at our friends' house, and the kitchen remodeling mess behind us got cleaned the next day. (Our kitchen is almost ready!!!)


Perjantai-iltana olimme menossa ystävien luokse, joten leivoimme suklaapaloja viemisiksi. Leipominen oli hauskaa, suklaapalat olivat herkullisia, ystävien luona oli kivaa, ja seuraavana päivänä keittiöremonttisotkut takanamme siivottiin pois. Keittiö alkaa pian olla valmis!


  1. Fun stuff! I'm baking Maine blueberry, raspberry and strawberry muffins right now for snacks this week!

  2. Yum, Jessy!!! Our baking for today is Irish Soda Bread, we'll see how that turns out:)