Sunday, March 9, 2014

Eight Candles/Kahdeksan kynttilää

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Eight candles.


Milk chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream frosting. And a very excited little girl.

But something is missing.


Where are all the gifts for Little Miss?

Turns out Junk's (Mr D's old stuffed raccoon) cousins have come and taken away all the presents!!!

As these raccoon cousins look for hiding places our Junk tags along leaving little clues for Little Miss. Thank you, Junk!

Eighteen clues. Some easier than others. All very creative. Finally, a little past bedtime, the presents are found. And opened.

Happy Birthday, Little Miss. You are so loved.

At bedtime mama hears: "I wish this day had never ended."

I think someone had a wonderful birthday celebration.

(Mama is glad. Thankful for Mr A's creativity in making this day special. For Mr. D & the Captain running to the store for frozen dumplings the birthday girl had wished for. For Mr D making fried rice for dinner. For Mr T and Mr D helping Little Miss solve the clues and help make this day fun, and even going outside in the dark so Mr A could finish his 'project'.
Mamas sure are glad for helpers. Especially sick mamas with birthday girls.)


  1. Voi, miten suloisia veljiä! Neiti on todella siunattu elämässään, kun saa elää tuollaisen rakkauden ympäröimänä :))).

  2. Happy birthday Little Miss! It sounds like you all had fun.

  3. Samat sanat kuin Maritalta :-) Ja oikein paljon onnea synttärisankarille toivotan minäkin! :-)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful birthday, even with a sick mama! 8 is great:)

  5. Ihanaa synttaria sankarille!!!! <3

  6. Onnea pikkuneidille! Heljä

  7. Thank you so much, everyone/Kiitos paljon kaikille<3