Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Match Your Mood BIC Pens

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Remember these pens?

I do. I don't remember if my older sister had one I liked to use, or if it actually was mine, but I remember how special it was to switch colors while using the same pen and doodle hearts and a cute boy's name little cute drawings on my school notebooks.

The iconic BIC 4-Color Pen is celebrating quite the milestone this year: it is turning 44 years old! Happy Birthday, 4-Color Pen!!

BIC generously sent us a package of these fabulous pens to try and review. Little Miss especially loved the new 4-Color Fashion Pen with its' funky inks: ocean blue, girly pink, deep violet and acid green.

Schoolwork immediately becomes funner, fancier and snazzier!

New additions to the 4-Color portfolio for 2014 include the 4-Color Metallic barrel, 4-Color Mini Original and Fashion and 4-Color Grip in blue, all with a SRP of $2.99. Staples would be one place to shop for them.

Do you have any BIC 4-Color pens at your house? Did you use them when you were growing up?

Thank You, Bic, for providing our homeschool with new pens! 
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  1. Mina muistan. Niita oli sellaisiakin verstioita joissa taisi olla kuusi erivaria mukana. :)

  2. Great idea, Sharron!!! Not that I've ever done a Easter basket.. My poor deprived children, lol. This could be the first year, since we'll be with cousins who do get Easter baskets!!

    Ina, ihan totta!! Nyt vasta muistin, kun mainitsit.