Monday, March 24, 2014

Getting Ready/Valmistautumista

Wind is in the east, mist is coming in.
Like somethin' is brewin' and bout to begin...

Yes, it is time for our family to take another road trip, and we are getting super excited!

It is so freeing not to have to be tied to a vacation schedule set by a school! Definitely one of the perks of homeschooling.

We often get asked how we are able to just leave, and never sometimes seem not to have plans set in stone.

There are a few variables, but there are two main life decisions we have made.

The Captain is self-employed, and I am a stay-at-home travel-in-the-RV homeschooling mom. Five years ago we made the decision to pull our children out a great Christian school to educate them at home. It was such a difficult decision. Honestly, I didn't want to do it! Finally agreed to give it a try. (You can read more here.)

We used Switched-on-Schoolhouse for 5th grade, and were amazed at how much we loved homeschooling. Alpha Omega Publications came out with an online curriculum Monarch the following year, which worked so much better for us mac users.

As long as we have a computer and an internet connection, we get our schoolwork done! On the road, at RV repair shop waiting rooms, on the beach, in the sticks, overseas. We love it! And as I am making plans and lists, it is such a relief not to have to pack crates and crates of school material to fit into our cozy Mothership motorhome. Storage space is pretty much all used for food and clothing.

And yes, there is a lot of learning that happens as we travel and visit various places, but we like having a traditional school curriculum to fill in the gaps.

You can check out our Monarch curriculum here.

Alpha Omega Publications is a sponsor of Our Mothership Adventures. We have been given free curriculum in exchange of our honest reviews. You can read our disclosure here.


Alamme valmistautumaan uudelle asuntoautoreissulle, jee!!!

Meiltä usein kysytään kuinka pystymme matkustamaan niin paljon, eikä meillä koskaan joskus tunnu olevan varmoja suunnitelmia minne ja milloin. Pelkistettynä vastaus on: Kapteenilla on oma yritys, ja minä opetan lapsia kotona/tien päällä, mikä vapauttaa meidät koulujen tiukista aikatauluista. Teinien kouluohjelma Monarch tekee matkustamisen helpoksi, emme tarvitse laatikoittain koulukirjoja ja tarvikkeita, riittää kun on tietokone ja nettiyhteys, ja saamme koulutyöt tehtyä.

Ja matkustaessa oppii tietty myös!

Kohta, kohta:)


  1. Looking forward to hearing where your adventures will take you this time! Happy Travels!

  2. Does that mean you heading this way soon? YAY!

  3. Thanks, Gayly! We'll end up in Florida, but this time plan on adventures along the way:)

    Yes, Heidi!! Can't wait to see you and yours!!