Sunday, September 28, 2014

Corn Starch and Hair Conditioner Play Dough

Yesterday I told Little Miss I needed her help. She came right over. We measured four cups of corn starch and almost two cups of hair conditioner, and she started mixing.

It felt weird.

And wonderful! Our mixture smelled so clean and good!

And felt so smooth.

We soon had everyone (at home at the moment) come over and play with our silky play dough.

(It felt amazing!!!)

Little Miss used food coloring to make different color dough.


So simple, so so fun. I loved how much Little Miss (and we all!) loved this craft.

Some of our masterpieces.

I saw this 'recipe' on Kids Activities Blog, and it sure was a winner! Cleanup was easy too, just needed to vacuum the floor and wipe the surfaces. We are storing the dough in ziplock bags, as it seemed to harden when left out.

Two thumbs up!


Maailman paras itsetehty muovailuvaha!! Kaksi osaa maissijauhoa (ehkä perunajauho ajaisi saman asian?) ja yksi osa hiusten hoitoainetta. Sekoitettuna yhteen, ja halutessa voi myös värjätä muovailuvahan elintarvikeväreillä. Tämän pehmeämpää ja silkkisempää muovailuvahaa ei löydä - ja se tuoksuu ihanalta myös (minä saan migreenin kaupan muovailuvahan hajusta). Pikkuneiti (ja me kaikki!) nautimme!


  1. Oh how fun! Looks like she really enjoyed mixing the play dough together. :) Messy maybe but definitely fun! :D We just might have to try that recipe.

  2. Mixing the dough together was the best part, Ina! The dough is a bit too crumbly now... But worth trying, for sure!!