Thursday, December 11, 2014

Driving in Arizona/Arizonassa ajamista

If you are new to our blog (from The Homeschool Post - perhaps?), welcome! We are a traveling family of seven, and live in our Airstream motorhome (aka the Mothership) for a part of the year. We are currently in Virginia, and trying to catch up the blog on our fall travels. The purpose of our blog is to document our crazy roadschooling adventures. Our quadruplet teens are turning sixteen (!) in a week, and we have an 8-year old daughter as well. So please grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable in your armchair, and come along our journey:)


Our driving days had a certain pattern to them. After breakfast we'd get our school books out, and do our reading. Yet, it was hard to concentrate on school when the passing scenery was so breathtaking.

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So I would continue to take short breaks from school books and hang out the window, or stick my camera out and snap away.

As with driving in Utah (and Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota), the Arizona scenery was so gorgeous we didn't want to miss anything.

This country of ours is so vast and diverse.

We didn't have a lot of time to spend in Arizona, but we did make one fantastic stop (in addition to visiting the northern rim of Grand Canyon). Stay tuned for the next blog post!

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Kuvia Arizonan tien varsilta... Seuraavassa postauksessa vierailemmekin uudessa mielenkiintoisessa paikassa, mutta siitä lisää myöhemmin:) Muistakaa äänestää!!! Kiitos:)


  1. ❤️Aivan uskomattomia paikkoja - ja kuvia!!!
    PS äänestetty on 😄

  2. Kiitos, Jutta!!! Toivottavasti sinulla oli onnistunut Miamin reissu <3