Monday, May 17, 2010

And Publicity He Gets

If you are traveling on I-4 near Tampa, make sure to look for Bates RV signs and wonders, one being this Legal Attraction. Mr. Bates says all he wants is publicity by displaying these eight retired Airstreams next to his business Bates RV. And publicity he gets, even on our puny start-up blog. Next on the agenda is lighting this attraction at night. Stay tuned, we will keep an eye on this site to see what happens. (In case you are wondering, as major Airstream fans, we think these Airstreams sticking out of the ground are really cool!!!)

We actually stopped by Bates RV last weekend for the first time, and got to tour inside of a few brand-new Airstream trailers. They really are something. Beautiful, sleek, spacious, well-designed, and worth a lot of moo-lah...!

But nothing was quite as nice as our 1991 Airstream Motorhome, our home sweet home, at least on the road!


  1. That is hilarious! Love it! Looking forward to the pics of it at night. Is your (giant) baby getting work done right now - can't remember what the plans were.

  2. Yup, we just picked up our baby from Camping World, the air conditioners have been cleaned and serviced (and the dead something removed from one of them), we now have a working cb radio and what else.. Something else was done too, but can't remember what :)