Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend means being thankful for our veterans, for all who have served, who serve and will serve this country. Memorial Day Weekend means a busy weekend on the beach, lots of people, traffic & friends, good food and great times.

Tonight we ended up at the beach again at sunset, playing our game of tar pit, again (we taught it to our friends, too!). We <3 Florida!

Missy found this little shell tonight. It was so neat to watch it 'breathe' awhile before letting it go back in the water. In the first photo collage you can also see a picture of a live sand dollar - our first to see here! One of our guests also found a shark tooth, and today the Captain & I saw another manatee on our morning walk! Unfortunately it was too far away to see in detail, but we saw it come to surface for air. I also saw a huge sting ray jump up into the air while talking to a friend on our balcony. What a magical place...

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