Monday, May 17, 2010

Exploring The Ranch

Our friend V & Missy headed to get strawberries for Sunday's delicious pound cake (thanks, Mrs. H!!! - The kids had it for breakfast too, and it was yummy :).

All the boys, including our guest M, tried fishing on Sunday, but caught no fish. Spotted an alligator though!!!!!! Yikes!!

Between the slow internet and busy schedule, it is tough to keep up with Mothership Adventures! We do try to steal moments of pure leisure (or should we call them 'learning opportunities'??), and continue exploring the ranch. We feel very fortunate to have such a great rental set-up! God has surely blessed our adventures..

Missy & Little Miss caught tadpoles from the little brook flowing through the property. I remember doing all these activities (berry picking, fishing, tadpole hunting) as a kid, and it is so satisfying to watch our kids enjoy the same things.. Even if it is on the other side of the world...

Speaking of learning opportunities: our local guests informed us that the oranges on the ranch are not frost-bitten, as we had assumed. Apparently, these Florida oranges just don't look as pretty as their California cousins, yet have much more flavor inside as you bite into them. How ignorant can we Yankees (and foreigners) be??!! :)

Beyond the strawberry farm we discovered sweet tomatoes, basil and lettuce. We made a little tomato, basil, olive oil dish to go with our grilled lamb yesterday. What a feast! And it really did taste better being picked from our backyard. Yum!

Our future plans are starting to come together, somewhat. The wind is blowing us toward the beach tomorrow, but will start bringing us North a bit sooner than we expected. More on that later ;)


  1. I look forward to hearing all about it! Do you know if you will be anywhere near Orlando the 3rd week of June?

  2. I hope hope hope your trip north will swing by here!! We miss you guys!
    Love the places you have found there... just amazing! Hope that vibe rubs off on us when we go house hunting...!

  3. Camsfam, no :( :( :( We'll be up North at that point.. We've signed the big kids up for camp.. Are you all coming to Orlando then?

    Saina, I hope we don't miss you!! Maybe will have to plan a dinner on the road if we are both traveling at the same time.. Hey, maybe our landlady has a house in VA too ;-)