Saturday, May 1, 2010

Monkey In The Middle

After a very hot day (how hot does it get in Florida, again??) we finally made it to the beach today after dinner. We had pretty much spent the day in an air-conditioned car driving around the surrounding areas (to get a look around) and inside stores (amazing how quickly we go through supplies!!!), except for venturing out to visit a fort in Fort De Soto Park (forgot the camera, and cell phone died, but we'll go back another time and blog about this fabulous park), but it was just so hot we decided we needed to wait for the cooler evening temps (cool upper 80's) before spending anymore time outside.

Monkey In The Middle-game
was perfect was letting out steam before bedtime! Five mothershippers also took a refreshing evening swim before a spectacular sunset. We could never tire of the beach and sunsets here...


  1. Aaah, bliss! What a hard life :-)

  2. Yes Soile, but someone has to do it ;-)