Saturday, September 22, 2012

Elementary Education Degree

Our Mothership Adventures is so honored to be included in one of the 25 Best Sites for Homeschoolers on website. Thank you very much!

This is what they wrote:

Homeschooling is skyrocketing in popularity as the inconsistency of public school quality and the expense of private school has made it harder for parents to promise their children the best education available. Parents who choose to homeschool use a variety of techniques, including the Montessori Method, developed by an Italian educator in the early early 21st century, and other non-traditional teaching tactics.

The list below brings together some of the best blogs and websites being kept by families that homeschool. Many of the sites feature downloadable activity kits and other supplies for homeschoolers, and all of them offer personal stories and advice for parents considering homeschooling their kids.

And we are included in this great list of homeschool blogs. Go check them out!

Our Mothership Adventures

This site is about a family of seven who are trying out homeschooling while traveling around in an Airstream trailer and living a mobile, nontraditional lifestyle.