Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cartoon Workshop/Sarjakuvatunnilla


Occasionally a very cool opportunity comes our way, and when it does, we happily claim it as a homeschool learning experience.


While in Maine this winter, we found out Maine cartoonist Jeff Pert was coming to town to teach a cartoon workshop.


We were probably the first ones to sign up, and we brought a friend along, too.


When we lived in New Hampshire one of the kids' friends had been wearing a t-shirt we all got such a kick out of.


Yup, that t-shirt had a cartoon on it drawn by Jeff Pert! I can't find a t-shirt with that image, but here is a link to Jeff Pert's book, and the cover on it has the famous cartoon. Check it out, it is funny!


Our cartoon students had various exercises to do, one was a paper folded in three, and three different students drew a body part of a cartoon character on it without seeing what others had drawn. They also worked on shapes, and their own characters.

Pretty neat opportunity!


Yksi lauantain Mainen metsissä teinit pääsivät sarjakuvaoppitunnille. Paikallinen kirjasto järjesti sen, ja me teimme siitä kotikouluoppitunnin, tietysti:) Opettajana oli tunnettu sarjakuvataiteilija.

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