Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dance Recital/Tanssiesitys


A part of the the girls' homeschool PE this winter was dance. Missy continued tap dancing, and since jazz wasn't available for her age this year, she tried hip hop. She definitely has dance and rhythm in her genes, the question is, where does it come from?

Must be from her grandparents, or maybe the Captain has some hidden skills???

(Sennie can't even sing and clap at the same time, so it's not from her:)


And Little Miss... We made her try a class against her wishes, and turns out, she is a natural! She loves dancing! The only class for her age was Ballet 1, but we can see all kinds of different dance in her future.


Oooh, the attitude in this dance - Missy mastered it!


In the finale the whole group all together.

Here's a clip of Little Miss' ballet dance.

Two clips of Missy's dances.

What a great experience for our girls!


Talven tanssitunnit on tanssittu, ja tanssinäytös on ohi. Missy tanssi steppiä ja hip hopia, Pikkuneiti balettia. Hienosti meni, hyvä tytöt!! Yllä pienet videopätkät tansseista.


  1. I wish I could have learned to dance in P.E. Maybe then I'd have a little better coordination! LOL The girls look great. I'm glad Little Miss warmed up to it.

  2. Sharron, my teachers at PE tried to teach dance too, but when you don't have rhythm, and your brain gets all confused about steps, you can't learn it:) Although I'm sure YOU could:-D