Monday, April 15, 2013

An Interview with Mr. T/Haastattelua


One of our sons, Mr. T (age 14), has been staying in Finland for three months. He is coming home this week (insert jumping for joy, and tears and sadness here, depending on who you talk to). If you've missed our earlier posts, you can read more here, here and here.

What has been your favorite part about staying in Finland?
- Spending time with Muori and Vaari [Finnish Grandma and Grandpa]

How is the food in Finland?
- Yummy

Any favorites?
- Pulla [Finnish coffee bread, kind of like a cinnamon roll], Muori's cooking

If you got to choose, what would you want Muori to make tonight?
- Steak potatoes, lamb, or salmon stew

Have you tried a Finnish delicacy of pickled herrings?
- Yes, but I didn't care for it

How often do you go in the sauna?
- Maybe once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less

Have a you been able to see a lot of Finland?
- Visiting family in Tampere, going to summer house in Virrat, skiing in Jämsä, Seinäjoki,

Where would you like to go in Finland?
- Lapland

What would you like to bring home from Finland?
- Salmiakki [salted licorice]

Say something you've learned in Finnish:
- Minä matkustan Amerikkaan kohta. [I will travel to America soon.]

Have you gotten better in Finnish?
- Yes, but I'm still not good.

How much Finnish do you use daily?
- Maybe a few sentences a day, except days when I have Finnish classes (a hundred then)

What is your typical Tuesday like?
- Wake up around 8:30-9ish
- Have breakfast (cereal)
- Shower and morning chores
- Facebook and political news
- Homeschool (and lunch) until 3ish
- Finnish classes 3:45-7
- Home
- FaceTime USA
- Dinner
- Free time
- Evening snack
- Bible and reading
- Sleep

How is school working out for you? Would you like to attend Finnish public school?
- [Home]school is working out well. I don't want to attend a Finnish school.

What are some of your activities in Finland?
- Football, Finnish classes, eating, international group at church, church meetings, seeing friends and second cousins, making videos

An example of Mr T's videos (you can click it larger)

Have you been able to make good friends in Finland?
- Yes, but not very many

What do you miss from US?
- Economic freedom, my family [and he says kind of], snowmobiling

What will you miss from Finland?
- My grandparents, international meeting

Do you want to come back to Finland for a longer visit?
- Yes and longer, maybe in a year

Have you noticed any surprising cultural differences between Finland and Usa, now that you have been staying longer (than your usual visits with family)?
- Contrary to most of my American friends, most Finns are contented serfs who are perfectly fine with unelected bureaucrats who live thousands of miles away ruling every aspect of their lives.

So there:) Our son T's thoughts on being in Finland. 

Next up photos of Mr. T's adventures!


Haastattelua poikamme T:n kanssa. Kolme kuukautta Suomessa on kohta täynnä, ja hän on palaamassa kotiin tällä viikolla! Seuraavaksi valokuvia Suomen ajalta.


  1. Hauska kuulla pojan kuulumisia! Mutta mitä on "taloudellinen vapaus" 14-vuotiaan elämässä? ;)

    neitinomad, väärillä tunnuksilla koneellaan...

    1. Hehee, tää on isänsä poika:) Olettaisin, että puhuu kuinka Suomessa verotetaan niin paljon, että kaikki on kallista..

  2. You must be very excited to get him back home! Sounds like he had a great time and learned a lot.

    1. I can't wait!!!!!!! And yes, it has been a good thing for him:)

  3. Wow, Mr T has such a mature manner of thinking and speaking for his age of 14. The interview was a great idea and I really enjoyed his viewpoints. I bet there aren't too many American kids who would be willing to attend Finnish or any European school. Too much work and too little time for fun:).

    1. Yes, he is very mature.. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  4. Kiva haastattelu. Hurjan nopsaan on aika kulunut!
    Turvallista lentoa kotiin!