Friday, June 14, 2013

Check Out AOP Blog/Kurkistakaa AOP:n blogiin!

"Few homeschool families are as footloose as Our Mothership Adventures, who travel the country in their 1991 RV, letting the roads map new learning experiences for their five kids.

Sennie (Mom) and the Captain (Dad) road-school and homeschool a first-grader and 14-year-old quadruplets, blending life and learning on the go.

“It’s never dull with seven,” Sennie admitted. “Monarch allows us this crazy, nomadic lifestyle.”

The family began using Monarch three years ago after searching..."

Read the rest of the article at the Alpha Omega Publications' blog (click here).


Kiva pieni artikkeli meidän perheen kotikoulusta täällä.


  1. Thanks for sharing! We are using more and More AOP materials and enjoying them. We haven't made the jump to everything on computer but I can see that move coming down the road. I appreciate you sharing about it and your family:)

  2. Thanks, Gayly!! It really has worked well for our older kids. And I LOVE how independently they get their school work done.

  3. There are times when I find homeschooling completely overwhelming and then the anxiety sinks in, 'Oh no! What have I done and how can I possibly give my child everything she needs to thrive?". We are in Western New York and I have been a certified teacher in Ontario and in New York State since the late 90's, have raised my 21 year old and my almost 17 year old 'senior' on both sides of the border and think I've done a pretty good job but I DO panic. Part of the problem is finding the funds to continue to offer our littlest one the opportunities she requires as a homeschooler.

    I am a passionate writer, having nurtured my homeschooling blog (now two!) for over a year, write periodically on 3 other blogs (two for women, one for spirituality) and would love to one day, complete the passionate book I have started. This would indeed give us the funds and the freedom to continue our homeschooling adventures, right? Well it is much easier said than done as building a writing business is as slow as it takes for a snail to cross the road! Then I come across your blog, learn what you are doing while traveling and I am once again inspired - I CAN do this - we CAN do this can't we? Lâche-pas la patate!, as we say in French!

    Thank you for your inspiration as we wind down from 3rd grade and head into 4th!

    I would be honored for you to visit us and give us encouragement at: (our NEW site still growing) OR: (Our ORIGINAL site)

  4. Thank you for visiting, Carreen - your sites look very helpful, especially to someone looking at homeschooling in New York. Have a great third year of homeschooling (I'm sure you will!!)!