Monday, June 10, 2013

Trip Randomness/Matkasatunnaisia


This top picture is from Frolicking Flamingo Folks, who graciously invited us to spend our last night at their place. There were bunch of adults and 14ish kids running around, and we all had a great time.

Except, maybe, the person cleaning the showers afterward.


Still smiling at the beginning of our road trip (sort of).


Overall, our trip north was pretty smooth. None of the misadventures we had on our way south (here and here). The Captain said the Mothership drove very nice this time.


Our first stop was in Virginia, for one day. Such a handsome bunch of cousins!


But, we had to get going again. Boohoo!!!


From Virginia we drove to Pennsylvania.

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One of our rest stops.

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Another one of our rest stops. I snapped this pretty sunset as the Captain and the boys were dumping our tanks, hehee.

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We had a day in Pennsylvania, too. Thanks so much for your hospitality, M-family!!


The trend continues: time to move on.


From Pennsylvania I followed the Mothership in our car. We had a hard drive from PA to Massachusetts. I don't know how the Captain can drive all day - I was wiped out after the third hour.


New England welcomed us with chilly temps. 51F soon after I took this photo. I started missing my Ugg boots, and switched the seat warmer on.


Driving into rainy and foggy Boston. We actually made a stop in Boston, but more on that later!


Before we arrived back at our camp in Maine, we spent a little time with the Captain's side of the family, visiting with Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny, Aunt C and Uncle P, cousins, and Uncle J and Aunt C.


A big storm had passed through this part of Maine, leaving several trees down on our yard. Thankfully, none landed on buildings, and the clean-up had already started.

So good to be here! Even for a short little while..


Sekalainen matkakertomus. Tällä kertaa matka meni ihan sujuvasti, joskin aika tiukka tahti oli päällä. Floridasta Virginiaan, Virginiasta Pennsylvaniaan, Pennsylvaniasta ensin Massachusettesiin, sitten Maineen. Täällä pohjoisessa on kylymä!!! Ja myrsky oli kaatanut taas puita pihassa. Mutta ihana olla täällä taas, vaikkakin vain lyhyen aikaa...


  1. Minnepäin suuntaatte seuraavaksi? Ihana seurata teidän seikkailuja <3 Siunattua kesää!

  2. Kiitos, Sirpa! Olemme täällä pohjoisen kodissamme noin pari viikkoa, täällä riittää töitä, ja seuraavaksi menemme kahdeksi viikoksi Nantucketin saarelle anoppilan kesäkotiin, jokavuotinen traditio<3