Sunday, June 2, 2013

Follow Along/Seuraa mukana!


We had a fantastic month on the beach. Some school was accomplished, and a lot of together time was spent enjoying Florida, and enjoying each other. So good to have Mr. T back with us, too!


But, the road was calling us nomads, and so, on May 31st, we loaded up the Mothership again, and yesterday left Florida. Or was it today? We enjoyed the Walmart parking lot accommodations last night, and it may have been early this morning when the Captain crossed into Georgia.

It already is a blur to me, but we actually arrived in Virginia today! We actually have a fairly tight schedule to keep, so no sightseeing this time around, but we are staying two nights at my sister's house.

Our next stop is Pennsylvania, and from there we'll continue our way north.


Some of you might remember my Kiwi Crate review post from earlier this year. We did end up subscribing, and this month's bird costume craft was a perfect one to do - even in a motorhome! Well done, Little Miss:)

You can always follow our travels through facebook and twitter - depending on cell service. Come along, and make sure to honk if you see us on the road:)


Ihana Floridan aikamme päättyi tältä erää perjantaina, ja jo lauantaina lähdimme ajamaan kohti pohjoista. Tänään pääsimme siskon luokse Virginiaan, ja tiistaiaamulla matka jatkuu kohti Pennsylvaniaa. Voit seurata matkaamme facebookin ja twitterin kautta, jos vain pääsen langoille:)


  1. Great family picture! If you end up in Michigan, let me know. We have a space where you could park that large home of yours. :)

  2. Thanks, Heidi! And yes, one of these days we'd love to head your way, and will keep your offer in mind:)