Monday, July 5, 2010

Eating Like An Animal (Post By The Captain)

We try to stress the importance of table manners, but during 4th of July watermelon eating contest, manners often take a back seat as one of our children is transformed into a total watermelon eating machine. You won't believe which one.

Each contestant gets a full half slice of watermelon about 2 inches thick. Our contestant is quite a bit smaller than the rest, but when the eating starts, juice flies as our 11 year old Missy claws and scrapes her way to victory. The big muscle guys in the final round don't even know that they have no chance of winning.

How does she do it? Using both hands she attacks the melon, compressing the red part and stuffs it down her throat in about 15 seconds. Kids, don't try this at home with mom or dad watching.

Most years since she was 6 she brought home the first place watermelon to share with the rest of us.

She has talent

Each year the towns people take the antique fire engines out of the museums to meet the fire department for a water battle at high-noon.

Photos courtesy of Robert Peek Photography


  1. Way to go!!! Love seeing the bigger kids next to her. ;-)

    Nice to see a blog post from the Captain -- should be a regular feature! :-)

  2. I know, Saina! She is a ferocious beast :)
    I forwarded your comment to the Captain, let's hope he'll write again :)

  3. Congratulations Missy, well done! Hotdogs next? ;-)

  4. WOW! I'm impressed! Way to go!!! Who'd she get the big mouth from?!?!? As if I didn't know! :-) Great post, Captain!

  5. Ha-ha, this is brilliant! Little Missy has finished before the big challengers have even gotten hold of the slippery slice! :D

    Excellent picture of the winning-roar! :D
    Well done, Sarah!

  6. She really did great, MaaMaa :)