Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!!

Happy 4th of July to Everyone! It has been quite strange to have our family split on a Holiday weekend, I think our first ever.

Living in a house with a For Sale sign in the front, we have been keeping the house very tidy, in case there is a showing. Today, being the Independence Day of USA, was the first morning I didn't put my jammies away or clean up Little Miss' books, thinking Who Would Be Looking At Houses On 4th of July???. But wouldn't you know it, it was the first time this week there actually was a showing! And since our realtor's office thought we were on Nantucket, they didn't call first.

Graciously our realtor and her client offered to come back in two weeks, but all we needed was 10 minutes, so the they waited for us to madly dash our belongings inside dressers and cabinets and to evacuate the house. As Little Miss was putting her flip-flops on, I quickly took a look at the basement to make sure all was ok. The door was open to the porch (where the prospective buyer was waiting with our realtor) when Little Miss yells down to the basement: "Are you checking on the stinky room?"

There may or may not have been a stinky issue in the basement. But even if there had been, it would have definitely been taken care of this week. I can just imagine the sniffing that went on for the rest of the house showing...!

Gardens are looking great! This was another huge accomplishment as 5ennie does not care for yard work. Especially in a yard that will hopefully soon belong to a new owner. Also, the flowers were really expensive! We could have added a lot more, but this will do for now, and it all looks much better.

So that was our 4th of July, represented by the foreign side of our family. (I can't wait for the action pics from Nantucket, possibly even a blog post by The Captain! Stay tuned...). We had my mom, a Finn on a vacation here in the US, my Chinese born daughter with an American citizenship, and I - a resident alien from outer space Finland, here, celebrating the Independence Day of this great country. And waiting for news of a little niece/cousin/granddaughter being born. Looks like it won't be the 4th - that would have been a cool day to be born ;-)


  1. ... still 55 minutes this day to born the babygirl....

  2. Yup, and she could be that fast!!

  3. Teillä siellä puuhaa riittää! Kauniit kesäiset kukat olette laittaneet.

    Ehtikö pikkuinen tyttövauva mukaan neljännen päivän juhlintaan? ;-)

  4. Kiitos Perheenäiti! Ei ehtinyt tyttö syntyä, nyt odotellaan haluaako saman synttäripäivän kuin veljentyttö :)

  5. Jonna BostonistaJuly 8, 2010 at 9:18 AM

    Sennie, oletko ajatellut hakevasi USA:n kansalaisuutta? Suomihan muutti lain ja on sallinut kaksoiskansalaisuuden vuodesta 2003 asti. Tämän vuoden USA:n Itsenäisyyspäivä oli minulle toinen vuosi USA:n kansalaisena. Kansalaisuuskoe oli helppo ja prosessi muutenkin yllättävn nopea. Siinä kesti vain 5 kuukautta. Suosittelen! Onnea talonmyyntiin!

  6. Jonna, onhan tuo prosessi pitänyt aloittaa, en vaan ole vielä saanut aikaan.. Josko sitten kun tiedetään mihin päädytään asumaan :)
    Kiva kuulla että oli helppo prosessi!