Thursday, July 15, 2010

Foggy, Misty Island Evening/Sumuinen saari-ilta

After a hot and muggy week, today's fog and drizzly rain felt very refreshing and inviting. After dinner the kiddos and I bundled up in our rain gear, and off we went in search of some much needed exercise and fresh air.

There is something quite beautiful and mysterious about being surrounded by the island fog. I love how it mutes the already gray colors of this island, and draws out the warm lights, making the scenery look very much like a Thomas Kinkade painting.

On our way back home we stop to listen the Cobbletones singing a cappella. We were pretty soaked already so we only stayed for one song (I hope this link works to listen to them sing, my video turned out pretty quiet because of the rain. If it doesn't, just click on their Facebook page and check out their videos there.)

The library had closed (much to Missy's disappointment), so we turned our way home up India Street, ready for some dry warm clothes and a cup of hot cocoa.


Kuvia sumuiselta iltakävelyltä Nantucketin saarelta. Koko viikon on ollut tuskaisen kuumaa ja kosteaa, joten tämän päivän viileä sumu ja sade ilahdutti ja virkistytti! Lähdimme kovin märälle iltakävelylle napsien näitä kuvia. Keskustassa pysähdyimme kuuntelemaan Cobblestones- a cappella laulua, mutta vain hetkeksi - olimme jo aika märkiä ja oli aika kääntyä takaisin kotiin kuivien vaatteiden ja kuuman kaakaon luokse. Ihastuttava saari - jopa sadepäivänä!


  1. It does look like a Thomas Kinkade (sp?)painting. I've never been to Nantucket, but I would love to.

  2. One Acre Follies, you'd love it here!! We've had beautiful weather the last few days, but today a rain & thunderstorm surprised us, I guess no beach for this afternoon :)

  3. That Nantucket seams quite a dream... Tank you dear for your support and prayers! They mean a lot to me. Last Friday was a bit rough, with the "net attack post" or whatever you should call it. Now I'm over it and trying to get things in order. To enjoy life. To be grateful for all the good that I already have in my life - for example precious friends, like you!

  4. You are welcome, Susu. I think you are very brave <3 <3 <3 Hugs and prayers coming your way!