Thursday, July 15, 2010

Joseph Conrad Sailing Camp/Purjehdusleiri

One of our Summer activities was an overnight sailing camp for our big kids. It was held at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, and the campers got to sleep aboard Joseph Conrad. You can read more about the camp at the Mystic Seaport website. We highly recommend this fantastic camp to all tweens and teens!

Also, a plug for our RV readers (and others too): We picked up the kids in the Mothership, which turned out great. The parking lot had several bus/RV parking spots near the main entrance with free parking. (Members get free admission also.) After we hauled all their gear into the RV, we were able to freshen up, get cold drinks, use our own bathroom, take a break, then went back into the museum area to take a wander around a bit more. If you are in the area, definitely stop in for a day or two to tour this interesting 19th-century coastal village with their historic ships. (And no, we don't get paid for this advertisement :)

The collage above is made of photos from last year's camp (click larger). It was the first time our kids had gone to an overnight camp, and we, the controlling overprotecting concerned parents actually returned to camp midweek to spy check our kids were alive ok. We altered our looks to blend in with the Mystic Seaport visitors, so our kids wouldn't notice us. And they didn't! They had no clue we were there, tee hee. (Ok, ok, I admit the Captain was a draggee (sp?) on this endeavor.)

This year I didn't even go to drop the kids off, and had to write notes to remember to think about pray for them. Forget about sending them mail - well, did send letters to everyone, but they didn't make it on time... The kids did great! Mama did great! We'll plan to be there again next year! (Or some of us will.)


Yksi kesämme ohjelmista oli purjehdusleiri isommille lapsille. Viime vuonna he olivat samalla leirillä ensimmäistä kertaa, mikä oli myös heidän ensimmäinen kerta olla öitä leirillä myös. Ylläolevasta kollaasista näkee kuvia viime vuodelta, me vanhemmat kävimme vakoilemassa loppuviikosta kuinka leiriläiset jaksoivat. Tänä vuonna en mennyt edes mukaan viemään lapsia leirille (piti siivota taloa) ja piti muistutella itseään rukoilemaan lasten puolesta. Kaikki meni hyvin, jokaisella oli hauskaa, joten yritämme mennä samalle leirille myös ensi kesänä!

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