Saturday, July 31, 2010

Aussie Adventures/Aussiseikkailuja

There is proof that The Captain is alive and well, and not swallowed up by computers, phones and the internet: "Working on the Australia project during day and working on regular East Coast projects at night - works out well time wise!" Of course, I may need some proof that the man is getting some sleep at some point too...

PS. Isn't that koala cute!? And I previously thought that kangaroos are really adorable. I have changed my opinion. There is something very rodent-ish about them... Giant rodent-ish.. Don't you think?


Kapteeni on parhaillaan työmatkalla Australiassa. Näiden kuvien perusteella mies ei ole pelkästään paiskimassa töitä kuten puhelimessa kuulosti: "Australia-projektia päivisin, öisin normaalitöitä itärannikon aikavyöhykkeellä!" Suloinen koala, mutta kenguru ei olekaan niin suloinen mitä olin kuvitellut!? Jotain jättimäisrottamaista otuksessa...


  1. That's so cool!! You are right about the rodent part though. The white ones aren't so cool. The ones at our zoo are more brownish and don't look like that white one.

  2. Oi, olen ihan kateellinen! Suuri haaveeni on päästä joskus Australiaan silittämään koalaa, vompattia ja kenguruakin. Tuo valkoinen kenguru tosiaan näyttää jyrsijältä, mutta ne suuret ruskeat ovat mielestäni melkein koiran näköisiä "naamaltaan".

  3. Thanks for stopping by and emailing!! So much in common. I'll lift your little on up as you face the OR

  4. One Acre Follies & Perheenäiti, the Captain too was saying there are all these different species, some cuter than others. Still would love to see one for myself - with a joey in the pouch! One Acre Follies - was there a kangaroo in the zoo in China?

    Thank you, Krista!! I have a long email in the works for you. Got interrupted yesterday by a call from the hospital: our insurance company is giving us trouble, so looks like the surgery will be postponed... :(