Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day With Friends/Päivä ystävien seurassa

Yesterday we had a fantastic day with friends, snowmobiling in the woods of New Hampshire, then sharing dinner together. All in all eighteen people. With Friday's new snow we were all excited to head out.

Eleven sleds traveling together. At intersections making sure the sled behind you is still following you. When meeting people going the opposite way signaling to them with your left hand fingers how many sleds are behind you.

A family picture! It was quite breezy on top of the mountain, hence the helmets on most of us. It was fun to go out with friends, and all our kids. Our kids don't always want to snowmobile, so at any given trip we might have no kids, some kids or all the kids. Yesterday wasn't too cold, and it might have been the last snowmobile trip of the season, so we encouraged everybody to go.

It was a beautiful day! We love exploring the woods, lakes and mountain tops. The scenery is breathtaking, and zipping on snowmobile trails a lot of fun.

Although, occasionally we need to navigate trickier spots. Somebody may or may not have taken a little swim here yesterday. (No little snowmobilers were harmed in the making of this blog post.)

Someone took a nap, of course. This is what The Captain says: "That happens when a little girl gets lulled asleep by the purring of a 1100cc engine. It happens every time we go snowmobiling at least once."

Aahh, finished the day with a delicious meal and sweet fellowship. What a great day!

So overall our Saturday trip: Thumbs up from The Captain and Little Miss (and everybody else, too)!!

I'm linking this post to Stephanie's Sunday Snapshot at Ni Hao Y'All.

Ni Hao Yall


Eilen vietimme koko päivän ensin moottorikelkkaillen ystäviemme kanssa New Hampshiren metsissä, sitten istuen iltaa ystäviemme kotona. Kaiken kaikkiaan meitä oli kahdeksantoista ihmistä, ja moottorikelkkaladuilla yksitoista kelkkaa. Olimme aika mahtava karavaani :)

Perjantain lumimyrskyn jälkeen metsissä, vuorenhuipulla ja järvillä riitti lunta. Tänä aamuna sitä tuli lisää ja huomiselle on luvattu myös, joten ehkä tämä ei ollut viimeinen moottorikelkkareissumme tältä talvelta, niin kuin eilen ajattelimme.


  1. Wow that looks like an amazing adventure! So funny that your little one falls asleep like that.

  2. I know, DawnS!! It's so bumpy at times I don't know how she can fall asleep. Our big kids used to fall asleep on the machines too, we've even tried to use harnesses to keep them in place once they fall asleep and become flour sacks :)

  3. My Dad was telling me you all had a great time! It's good to see pictures.

  4. HarmlessColor, can you email me (or FB-inbox?) your mom's email addy? I sent a link to pics to your dad's email, but I don't know if he is good at sharing them with your mom, The Captain is still working on that with me :-D

  5. Oh, wow! That looks fun! I've never been snowmobiling!

  6. Jamie, it was fun! I hope you get to go sometime :)
    I just did some tweaking to my blog settings, thanks so much for the tips. Not sure if I understand the RSS part, but I made sure the settings had 'Full' options.