Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {From Maine}

Is that roadkill in the middle? I didn't notice when we were driving by...

Check out the basketball hoop on ice!!

We had a beautiful drive up North yesterday through New Hampshire White Mountains into Rangeley, Maine. We decided to spend our February vacation a little early - which is one of the nice perks of homeschooling - vacationing when it isn't as crowded. Grandma & Grandpa came too, as well as a friend of our kids.

We were able to drive into the driveway of our rental cabin last night, but today had to figure out how to turn our snowmobile trailers around in rather tight area. There simply wasn't enough space for the cars & trailers to turn around, not even by inching it (and the drive into the cabin was too long and narrow to back out, also).

Fortunately Grandpa & the Captain are extremely resourceful men.

Watch this quick video of the last turn!!

We love vacations!! Relaxing, playing, laughing, and just being together.

The basement level quickly became the Kingdom of Boys - they sleep and play there (fortunately girls are allowed to come hang out too :). There's a foosball table, a ping pong table, video games and a huge collection of board games.

One of our favorite parts of Rangeley, Maine? These snowmobile highways!! We took a short ride this afternoon to town and back.

We stopped for hot chocolate..

Someone took an afternoon nap..

And some conquered their fears of driving! We had a wonderful Sunday - one that will be remembered a long time.

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Ajoimme eilen New Hampshiren läpi pohjois-Maineen, Rangeleyyn. Vuokrasimme hiihtolomaksi mökin Kapteenin vanhempien kanssa, ja toimme yhden lasten ystävistä mukaan myös. Mökki on juuri sopiva meille: nukkumapaikkoja kymmenen, ja paljon tekemistä (pelejä) lapsille.

Meillä oli ihanan rauhallinen päivä tänään: aamulla miehet käänsivät moottorikelkkakärryt ympäri moottorikelkan avulla (katso video yllä!), koska piha oli liian pieni autoille ja kärryille. Iltapäivällä teimme oikein onnistuneen parin tunnin moottorikelkka-ajelun, reitit täällä pohjoisessa ovat uskomattoman leveitä ja tasaisia, ja aremmatkin moottorikelkkailijat uskalsivat kokeilla ajamista. Ihana päivä!


  1. Kuulostaa mukavalta lomalta :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Glad alla hjärtans dag!
    Iloista ystävänpäivää! <3

  2. What a great job from Grandpa and the Captain!

    Hot chocolate looks SOOOO nice, would love that one today. It´s -28 degrees now so it´s quite chilly =) Our 7 year old had to walk to school but she was brave! Daddy went to pick her up after school because it really was cold because of the wind. BRRRR!

    Have a great vacation!


  3. I have vacation envy! It looks like so much fun! I've only snowmobiled once...but I LOVED it! Lovely family!

  4. So fun!! Can't believe Abby fell asleep on that thing, ha ha!

    Letting you know I'm passing the award right back to you, too. :)

  5. Kiitos, Nurkkalintu! Toivottavasti sinullakin oli kiva Ystävänpäivä <3

    Tanja, that is COLD!!!! Brrrr!!!!

    Jen, snowmobiling is so much fun! Especially up North where the trails are wider and better groomed.

    Bethany, the big kids used to fall asleep on snowmobiles all the time too, it was hilarious!
    And Thank You for the award back <3 So encouraging and fun!