Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sledding At Mingo Springs Golf Course/Pulkkamäessä

We had a beautiful, sunny vacation day (we brought our homeschool work, but none have been done) here in Northern Maine today! At first we were all going to go snowmobiling, but as Grandpa opened the outside door we checked weather.com we soon realized the temperatures were a bit too Arctic for everyone, especially the little ones. A small group of us took a short ride, but it really was too cold to enjoy: 4F, but with the wind chill on snowmobiles it probably was closer to negative 40F!!

(Too bad I don't have any pictures of our Michelin Man outfits :)

After lunch our brave boys decided to face the elements, and we took a drive to Mingo Springs Golf Course for some serious sledding.

The way up was long, deep and grueling...

... but worth it. So worth it. {Or so I was told.}

{Some of us actually stayed very close to the warmth of the car...}

Thank you, Grandpa, for going with the boys while The Captain, Little Miss and I ran to the Arctic Cat shop :) I think they really enjoyed themselves!!

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Tänään oli kylmä päivä. -15C astetta tuntui paljon jäätävämmältä tuulen ja viiman kanssa, etenkin moottorikelkkojen päällä. Meistä lähti osa pienelle moottorikelkkareissulle, mutta jouduimme kääntymään ympäri ennen kuin pääsimme perille (vuorenhuipulle), meidän oli ihan liian kylmä.

Poikajoukkomme kuitenkin halusi lähteä pulkkamäkeen lounaan jälkeen, ja niin ajoimme paikalliselle golf-kentälle, mistä löytyi pitkiä mäkiä (ja syviä lumihankia). Grandpa ja pojat viettivät oikein hytisevän riemullisen tunnin ennen kuin pelastimme heidät tulemalla takaisin moottorikelkkaliikkeestä :)


  1. Wow! What fabulous sledding!Reminds me of growing up in upstate NY.

  2. Looks like a ton of fun!! How come kids don't feel the cold?!?! I sure do miss NE!!

  3. Looks like you are having an awesome time in Maine, it is one of the few States I have never visited but hope to some day!
    Blessings friend, enjoy your vacation!

  4. Thank You for visiting, SmallWorld at Home! Yes, upstate NY must have some awesome sledding hills too!

    Linda, they were well bundled up, but still!! It was too cold for me :)

    quilt-n-mama, I really hope you get to visit Maine some day, it is a beautiful state!! We love the rocky coast, as well as the rugged North.. Our vacation has been so wonderful we are considering coming back in a week or so :)