Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Favorite Games/Meidän suosikkipelimme

Playing Mexican Train

Ordinary Life Magic (a new blog I just found today!) has a Game Give-away I will be linking this post to. Our family enjoys games very much, so this is a fun post to write. The kids helped me come up with the list, but naturally each child has their own order of importance. I'm listing them in the order of how often I see them/us play these games.

Here goes, our Top Ten Family Games:

1) Mexican Train: we have played this game even before kids, and I think we first learned it on Nantucket from my in-laws, who maybe learned it from my sister-in-law's husband's family (are you still with me? :) We have given Mexican Train as gifts to many friends and family, including many in Finland, and we regularly play it at home. Even Little Miss (age 4) has her own train, but she does get some help from Mommy.

2) Rummikub: Another game we learned from my in-laws. Little Miss doesn't play this one yet, but my 6th graders love to play it whenever they can.

3) Trouble (Kimble suomeksi): Little Miss asks very often to play Trouble, and usually finds 3-4 players. We have two versions: the kind game and the mean game. In the kind version you aren't allowed to 'eat' the other player unless it's the only move you can make. In the mean version your goal is to 'eat' the other players :)

4) Life: A big favorite among my 6th graders. They play with the regular rules, or they make up their own that last for days.

5) Jenga: The master of this game is Little Miss! She has no fear! Everyone likes the game though.

6) Monopoly: When our big kids were little we played the Jr. version, but now have the regular one. 5ennie doesn't like to play this one with the Captain, he is ruthless!!!

7) Star of Africa: This is a popular Finnish game (Afrikan Tähti), which we all love. If you ever find the game, it does have English directions, too. It's a board game where you try to find the African Star-diamond, and once you do, you race to home base. Your travels are quicker if you find other diamonds, but watch out for robbers!

8) Boys Games: The boys (and the Captain) also enjoy Chess, Stratego and Risk. I'm sure a lot of girls like them too, just not in our family ;-)

9) Preschool Games: Little Miss enjoys Hi Ho Cherry-O, Candyland and Chutes And Ladders. Sometimes the big kids will play them with her, but usually it is Mommy & Daddy...

10) And we have to include Card Games (like Go Fish, Dutch Bliss or Uno), Hide & Seek, Tar Pit & Wii & various computer games in our favorite games, also. And we enjoy Checkers, Clue, Guess Who, Blokus, Mancala, Battleship and Apples to Apples. Whew. That's a lot of games. And I'm sure I/we forgot some favorites :)


Perheemme tykkää pelata pelejä paljon. Yllä pitkä lista linkkien kera englanniksi, Suomesta suosikkeja on tietty Afrikan tähti, Kimble ja Tervapata. Itse asiassa meidän Monopolikin taitaa olla suomalainen - Helsinki-versio :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I like your post about your favorite games. I'm getting ideas!

  2. What a great post! I love that you do play so many games as a family - one of the ways that keeps you so closeknit, methinks! I hope to add more game nights to our week too... as soon as the boys stop using the game pieces as trash in their garbage trucks, I suppose?!

  3. musicalmary, I've really enjoyed your blog!

    Saina, remember the early years of trying to play games? Someone would always end up in tears :-D
    Too funny about the garbage trucks!! Any time I let Little Miss play with game pieces we end up losing some, so now she gets to play with our spare domino pieces, nothing else :)

  4. I've got some investigating to do, I see... :)

  5. Stephanie, there are so many great games out there! My kids tend to be so rough on them though, we have had to replace most of them at least once :)