Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yes, We Are Nutty/Kyllä, olemme kahjoja

The collage above is from a few weeks back. I meant to blog about our sauna night, but then I chickened out. Yes, I was concerned someone would finally realize question my insanity, and send someone out to check on the well-being of our children.

But I decided to be brave and show how nutty we truly are. Yes, those are our children. Yes, that is real snow. Yes, they are wearing their bathing suits and rolling in the snow. I don't see Missy in these pics, but she enjoys a good roll in the snow, also. So does mom, but there just aren't going to be any photos of mom in a bathing suit.

Not so sure if the Captain has had his turn, but he used to be part of the Polarbear Club taking a dip in the ocean in Connecticut even in the wintertime. 5ennie grew up having her dad break the ice on the lake for a swim in Finland, but we did have a sauna to run into afterward. The Captain... Maybe running into a vehicle??

Definitely a Match Made In Heaven for us. {True Love}

Anyway. We are a nutty family. New Englanders (& a Finn & a Chinese girl) turned into Floridians, who really love the snow. Really do.

PS. One of the reasons for making this blog post is a major Blogger Fail: after our vacation we hit the ground running - the boys have had Archery, the big kids have had Homeschool Gym-time and sledding with friends, and there are no photos. I am trying to juggle everything, but this week is just not running smoothly. We are behind on everything. And tomorrow I need to sit down with a mountain of bookkeeping. And Little Miss is sick. Maybe once the bookkeeping is taken care of, we need a mental day (even though we just had a vacation). At least we had a delightful visit from cousins and second cousins on Monday, and we get to have Grandpa here for a few days.

And maybe another sauna night is in order??

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Nämä sauna-ja lumikuvat ovat otettu muutama viikko sitten, mutten ole uskaltanut laittaa niitä nettiin, nämä amerikkalaiset lukijani saattavat kauhistua :) Te suomalaiset lukijat ehkä vain nauratte meidän uikkareillemme, hehee.


  1. My dh does a Polar Plunge every February for a charity.

  2. You guys never cease to amaze me!! I hope little miss is better soon and that you get that mental day soon too!!

  3. You wrote:
    "We are a nutty family."

    I write:
    You are NOT a nutty family! :)

    Dear Little Miss, get well soon! <3

    God bless you all.

  4. Miten arvasitkin, nauroin niitä simmareita:)


  5. Oi, ihanaa! Siitä on aikaa, kun olen viimeksi kierinyt lumessa. Ei oikein kerrostalosta lähdetä lumeen, vaikka sauna meillä onkin... :D

  6. Christy, that is awesome!! Way to go, your DH!!

    One Acre Follies, she is much better today! So glad. I do wish for that mental day, it wasn't today, but I accomplished a ton, and that felt good :)

    Nurkkalintu, that's because you are a nutty Finn too!!!! :-D

    Sirkku, kyllä me ollaan pyöritty lumessa (täälläkin) ilman uikkareita, mutta ne kuvat ei ainakaan tule amerikkalaisten seuraamaan blogiin, hehee :-D

    Kristi, a bit more real-ness coming soon :)

    Lady, juu en minäkään varmaan lähtisi kerrostalon saunasta :) Mökki on paras paikka, mutta onneksi meidän takapiha on suojattu tieltä!

  7. How fun! I love your little polar bears. :)

    I often find that I need some time to recover after a vacation also. It's always hard trying to plunge right back into real life again.

    We are thinking about taking a trip up to Maine this April. We've never been before and have always wanted to go. We'll have to see how much money we spend in Florida in March....if there is any left, then maybe we can afford it. :)

  8. Oh my you're a braver person than I am!! =)

  9. Jennifer, how exciting about Florida, and possibly Maine, also!! We'll be headed to Florida in April. I hope you'll make it to Maine too!!

    Amber, brave or crazy?? :)

  10. OK, we know I'm a nutty Finn :D
    But NOW everybody knows it! =0
    Well, who cares....

  11. Nurkkalintu, that's right! We are Nutty Finns, and proud of it :-D