Saturday, May 21, 2011

Before & After/Ennen & jälkeen


  1. Very cute! I wonder if Cameron would let me do Kates like that for the summer. Actually, I wonder if Kate would let me. She is the vainest little one I've ever seen. She hasn't done it lately, but she used to stand in front of the mirror for several minutes, several times a day "fixing her bangs" and then admiring them! LOL

  2. Love that little bob cut! She looks darling!

  3. so cute! did you do it yourself? ;)

  4. Too cute, One Acre Follies!! My thinking is it's just hair - if it doesn't work, it will grow. I'd say go for it!! I bet it would adorable on Kate too!

    Kiitos, Soile <3

    Thanks, Kristi!! I really need to take Little Miss in more often - this cut is so her..

    Thanks, jdavis2!! No, I don't cut hair. Grandpa cuts the boys' and the Captain's hair (at least we save $$$ on them!!) This time we went to JCPenney's.