Monday, May 16, 2011

Wrapping Up Preschool Year

Little Miss finished her second preschool year last week. Yay!!! She had a very diverse and active preschool year for sure. We began homeschool preschool in August as we started traveling in our Mothership (RV) in August and September.

Once we arrived in Florida mid-September, we found a small preschool nearby, and were able to enroll Little Miss there for almost three months. And when we returned North for the winter, her old preschool allowed her to attend for the three months we were in New Hampshire.

We have found it very beneficial to have Little Miss attend a preschool 1-3 times a week, as she doesn't get much interaction with kids her age. She has always been great with (pre)teens, but extremely shy with adults and younger kids. Preschool has helped her come out of her shell and give her more self-confidence, and make some wonderful friendships. We found there is a preschool nearby here in Maine too, but decided to finish preschool off with homeschool, instead of enrolling her in a third preschool this year :)

In addition to these two books pictured above we picked up some Kindergarten ones too, but haven't worked on those too much yet. We also picked up the book What Your Preschooler Needs to Know: Get Ready For Kindergarten (edited by E. D. Hirsch), and went through it with Little Miss.

Honestly there were weeks she had no interest in these books, and I didn't push. The days she wanted to do school she flew through several pages at once. She also enjoyed educational websites like Starfall and, and watched LeapFrog-movies, like the Letter Factory. We have some preschool apps on our iPhones and iPad Little Miss likes to use. (If anyone is interested, I can look up what they are.)

We read a lot of books daily, and visit the library almost every week. I really feel Little Miss got a very balanced school year this year, and we plan to do a lot of the same for Kindergarten. So far she hasn't wanted to do any hobbies by herself like ballet or sports, but she loved our homeschool ice skating classes in Florida. During the big kids' Archery classes and Photography classes in Florida Little Miss had plenty of playground time. Same now during Mr. T's baseball. And we do outside PE just about every day anyways (today we skipped that - it was so cold, windy & rainy, brrrr).

We are not sure yet of our Fall plans (Florida? Maine? Traveling in the Mothership?), but I am really hoping we can find a class for her to attend, even if we do homeschool Kindergarten. In our Florida homeschool co-op there is a Kindergarten class once a week, which would be perfect - if we are there September through November.

Despite my desire to plan ahead, I have learned even the best of plans tend to change in our family. I think it has been God's plan for our family to reveal His will just at the last minute. We are growing and stretching our faith and trust muscles :) So I am now trying not to stress about Fall and Kindergarten plans, and just wait and see how it all happens when the time comes :)

We haven't celebrated the end of the preschool year yet, but once three of our 6th graders finish their school year we will certainly have a party!

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  1. yes, sometimes God's plan is so different from what we think but it is always better for us! :) visiting from the homeschool hop!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful wrap-up of a preschool year.

  3. I always love reading about your family and where God is leading you! I can definitely relate to God revealing His will at the last minute. Sounded like a wonderful preschool year - well done! :) Deb @ (Visiting from HHH)

  4. I agree, Jenilee! I enjoyed visiting your blog :)

    MissMOE, thanks! Blogging is such a great way record our memories & accomplishments, isn't it :)

    Thank you, Deb!