Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pictures, Pictures/Kuvia, kuvia

The collages can be clicked larger.

While Blogger decided to go on vacation, what did we do?

Despite the pictures above, school mostly. Little Miss and Mr. A are done with this school year, and the rest of us are furiously trying to finish too. One of the features of our homeschool program Monarch is while I have four students all in the same grade, they work independently at their own pace. Missy has math left, Mr. D has language arts and Mr. T has has science and language arts. We would love to finish this month, but with our travel schedule it will probably be mid-June before we are completely done.

And when we didn't do school, we enjoyed the few beautiful sunny days here in Northern Maine!


  1. Looks like fun to me! How're the bugs up your way?! They're UGH! here! ;)


  2. love the pics!!!!

    we are busy organizing, packing and moving moving arrangements.

    have a great week~

  3. Jessy, we noticed black flies at the baseball game for the first time, but they weren't too bad. Fortunately none yesterday on our hike, and I'm hoping we'll escape them all together by going South for the next 2-3 weeks :)

    mountain mama, a lot of work!!!! We just have a fraction of that here, packing to go away, and trying to leave the house spotless for guests who come while we are gone...