Monday, May 23, 2011

Travel Journal, Day 1/Matkapäiväkirja, päivä 1

Busy morning in New Hampshire: Finish packing, finish cleaning the house, get breakfast & lunch served for all. Grandpa brings Mr. D, Little Miss, The Captain & I to the airport.

A photo by Little Miss!

While we were at the airport, friends picked up Mr. T & Mr. A - the boys are spending the next week or so with their best friend A. And Grandpa brought Missy to Maine with him - she gets to spend the next week or so with grandparents, cousins, aunt & uncle and Nanny too.

A little hard for mama to say good-byes, having the family split in three different directions, but at least everyone is so excited about where they are spending the rest of May. Plus there already has been text messages and emails going back and forth - gotta love technology!! This trip isn't a vacation, we had quite a bit of work and errands to do while here, so it didn't make sense to fly all seven of us down. We so appreciate our friends and family helping us out!!!

The four of us had an uneventful flight down to Florida. We picked up a rental car, had dinner and stopped by the Apple store, before checking into a hotel for the night.

Tomorrow morning we will finally get to our Mothership, and will continue to rest of our trip in our RV. I am not sure yet how our travel plans happen, but we will be in Florida most of this week before heading back up North. Stay tuned....

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Tänään meistä neljä lensi Floridaan noin viikoksi, valitettavasti ei lomalle, vaan hoitamaan asioita täällä. Missy lähti isovanhempien luokse Maineen, ja kaksi pojista jäivät parhaan ystävän luokse New Hampshireen. Meillä oli ihan onnistunut matkapäivä, tänään yövymme hotellissa ja huomenna haemme Mothership-asuntoautomme. Lisää seuraavassa numerossa...


  1. Hi! Coming from the hop! :) Sounds like you guys are busy! Going to look around some more and hope you can stop by my little world. :) Have a great week!

  2. Happy traveling! (At least it should be warmer and drier in FL! LOL) I'd fine it strange that the kids were going in different directions too, but they'll have a blast. Are you bringing the RV back to Maine?

  3. Thank you for your comment, bobjenjack! I'll be coming right over :)

    Jessy, yes we are bringing our RV back to Maine. We are hoping to put in a septic system to our Maine house and might need a place to stay :)