Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 3/Päivä 3

Most of today was filled with errands too. We had a good day, despite the fact that my doctor's office was running an hour behind, making us almost miss our next appointment. Stressful, but we made it. And from there to our next appointment and so forth.

Lunch was at Chick-Fil-A where Little Miss enjoyed a little play time. I felt a bit bad dragging the kids from one office to another all day, but they were both so good. Made me very thankful not to have all five kids trailing behind us from appointments to appointments. (But I do miss them very much.)

In the evening we arrived to one of our favorite places on earth (turns out we have quite a few favorites :)

Happy night.


Meidän kolmas päivämme oli täynnä juoksua toimistosta toiseen, mutta illalla vihdoin saavuimme yhteen suosikkipaikoistamme (joita siis on aika monta, heh heh). Ihana Floridan länsirannikko. Onnellinen ilta.


  1. Absolutely love the beach pictures. Sorry you had to do so many not so fun errands... but grateful you got to enjoy Chic-Fil-A and their play area. ;) ...just a little bit jealous here on the east side. :)

  2. The beach looks beautiful! One of these days we have to coordinate a meeting! Do you ever go to the pan handle?

  3. American Girl Doll Diaries is Sharron. I cannot get her logged out of Google and it is driving me crazy!! Any tips on how to fix that would be greatly appreciated.

  4. jdavis2, having a day (or two) at the beach has been worth all these errands!! We went to the beach twice today, aaahh heaven!!!

    Sharron - Nancy comes to this area too, I think you should also :) Or we could do a Disney trip? We are due for another get-together for sure.. We haven't been to the panhandle, but would come up there if you are there!!