Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting Ready/Valmistautumista


It snowed again yesterday morning, at our camp, also!

We heard. (And trembled in our boots, a little, because of this.)

But missed it, because we took a quick trip to Grandma and Grandpa's barn to go get the Mothership. Fortunately it stopped, no accumulation, and the roads were dry by the time we got back.

Very exciting. It is so neat to go in the Mothership, look at our minihome away from home camp, and realize how we all love our Mothership, and traveling in it, and when we don't - we miss it.

Sooo, two more weeks, and we'll be on the road again!


Eilen satoi lunta, jopa meidän pihassa. Näin kuulimme, mutta missasimme lumen, koska olimme etelä-Mainessä hakemassa asuntoautoamme. (Lumi kyllä vähän pelästytti, viime vuotisen kokemuksen takia.) Odotamme jo kovasti lähtöä, aika pitkä aika ollut viime reissusta - ja Mothership-asuntoautomme on vaan niin ihana pikkuinen koti. Enää kaksi viikkoa, sitten tien päällä taas!


  1. I love your Mothership too! So wish we were in a position to travel around for a while! :)

  2. Thank you, Jessy!! My goal this time is to try to blog every night - even if it is just a short post. I really regretted not doing that last Spring.

  3. Glad everyone was alright this time:) You would miss your mothership for sure, and the travelling.Look forward to seeing your winter adventures:)

  4. Thank you, Jessica! A lot to do before our departure, but we can't wait:)