Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting Out the Storm


Anyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy, we are thinking of you, and praying for safety! My very pregnant sister (39+ weeks now) and her family in Virginia are as prepared as they can, and still had power at noon today. (((Praying))) Be safe, everyone!!!

This is what our corner of Maine looks like today. The wind is picking up here, too, but I'm sure it is nothing compared to coastal areas south of us. We are happy to wait out the storm here, instead of on the road in our tin can... As the winds get stronger, we do need to figure out where to park the Mothership, we have quite a few half dead trees in our property.

Before the weather got here, Friday and Saturday were absolutely gorgeous! Mr. D took these photos below Saturday morning. I only edited them to straighten, cropped two the last ones a little, and added our watermark. Enjoy!

Oh, and did you notice how our beaver tree has now lost all the branches?

Odottelemme hirmumyrskyn ohi menemistä täällä Mainessä. Ensimmäinen kuva on otettu tänä aamuna, josta kyllä näkee, että meilläkin tuulee kovasti. Sadetta on myös luvattu. Enemmän täällä jännitetään kuinka Virginiassa pärjää siskoni, ja hänen perheensä, sisko on 39+ viikkoa raskaana, ja myrskyn reitin varrella. Vielä toimi sähköt tänään!

Kolme viimeistä kuvaa otti Mr. D lauantaiaamuna, kaunista ja tyyntä oli vielä silloin!

Turvallisia päiviä jokaiselle, etenkin täällä Usan itärannikolla!


  1. I was in Portland today and the wind was picking up around noon. Back home now (40 miles north) and we're having some gusts and rain, but nothing too bad yet. Stay safe!

  2. so appreciate your heart.
    praying your sister has a healthy baby without any complications. including weather.
    thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.
    impressed mr. d, impressed!

  3. Jessy, how are things now? We lost power last night & it hasn't come back. Fortunately we do have a generator..

    Thanks you, jdavis2!!! My sis & fam are fine (thank you, Jesus!!!). We have trees down here, but miraculously none fell on our house or vehicles (again, thank you, Jesus!!!). A lot of damage elsewhere, though...