Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Snow, People, Snow/Lunta!


Yes, that is snow. Yes, that picture is from this year - yesterday, in fact. Yes, on October 7th, 2012 we got our first snow fall. It didn't snow at the lower altitudes, we only had frost at our camp, but still, that is snow.

Which reminds me of a fall twenty years ago. In October 1992, I packed my bags in Seinäjoki, Finland, and flew to New York, and so started a whole new chapter in my life. The night before flying out, it snowed in Finland, too. A bit early for Finland, as yesterday's snow here in Maine felt like too.

Good thing I enjoy winter. (Wink;)

But twenty years ago!!! How can that be??


Eilen satoi ensilumi meidän kyläämme. Tosin vuorille vain, meillä oli vain kuura maassa. Kovin tuli mieleen syksy kaksikymmentä (!!!!) vuotta sitten, kun Seinäjoelle satoi ensilumi, ja minä seuraavana aamuna lensin laukkujeni kanssa New Yorkiin ensimmäistä kertaa. Niin alkoi uusi aika elämässäni.


  1. Hei enhà mà ees tienny et sàki oot pohojalaane!

  2. Beautiful! White Mountains got snow too...and we were just there the other day and it was WARM! LOL

  3. beautiful! i'm feeling chilly just seeing the snow topped mountains!
    yes, i too am thankful that you're a snow bird... it's a special gift for sure. even though 7 years ago we were transported from hot & muggy to dry & chilly (9 months of the year) i'm still trying to get my feathers ready for winter.
    p.s. thanks for sharing the "20 years ago..." personal note. love hearing your uplifting perspective. warms my heart. <3.

  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog from the Hop. :) I'm enjoying reading about your homeschooling/adoption adventures. You have a beautiful family! My dad's mom's parents were from Finland (her last name was Kaupilla) and my dad's dad came to the US from Iceland when he was 19. I've been to Iceland to visit the family that I have there, but I haven't been to Finland (yet). Hopefully someday! :)

  5. Beautiful, I am a bit jealous of your view each day... someday I will post ours... uhhhh... no so pretty on the hot dry flat lands! That's why we love to sneak away to the Rockies whenever we can! Hopefully we will get that way soon for a long weekend!

  6. Ciacy, lapsuus tuli kierrettyä eri kaupungeissa Suomessa, mutta pohojalaane kyllä olen juuriltani. Mistä päin sinä lähdit maailmalle?

    Jessy, pretty early!!

    Äiti - <3 <3 <3

    Heidi, so good to connect with you!

    Gayly, I'd love to see a pic! I hope you do get to enjoy a long weekend away soon, making memories with the kids<3

  7. Thanks, Jessica! It is beautiful, and so cold!! A little bit if snow on ground from yesterday..

  8. So neat! You will have to share about what starting that new adventure was like and all the other particulars. Sounds like an amazing story. :)

  9. Anna, I might one day.. I originally wrote a little more here, but then ended up erasing it before publishing. Somehow felt too personal, and this blog isn't really about sharing my heart, more to record our travels:)