Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bird's Eye Moab/Ilmasta katsottuna

After driving around Arches National Park, we stopped by the Moab airport.

There was excitement in the air. What is going on???

Just hanging out at the hangar?

Checkin' out old airplanes? This one was beautiful! A relative of the Mothership?

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And people jumping out of airplanes.....?!?!

Yes, the Captain, Mr D and Mr A went up to get a bird's eye view of Moab. Looks stunning, doesn't it?

Mr D took these photos (some of the aerial photos were taken by Mr A). Nice job!!

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It was a Velocity XL aircraft. Thanks to Mr B for taking some of our crew up - a memorable experience, for sure!


Ennen kuin lähdimme Moab'in alueelta Utah'in osavaltiosta, Kapteeni ja kaksi pojista saivat mahdollisuuden nähdä tämän upean alueen ilmasta käsin. Mr D ja Mr A ottivat kuvat lentokoneesta käsin. Aika upeita kuvia, ja mikä mahtava kokemus heille!


  1. What an amazing view!! What a neat experience!

  2. Sharron, I think so too! Would have been nice if we all could have gone up... But at least the boys took some neat shots:)

  3. Taitaa pojilla oli kuvaaminen hallussa niin kuin aidillakin. ;) Upeita kuvia! Ja voi mitka maisemat sielta ylhaalta olikaan.

  4. Kiitos, Ina! Hyvin onnistui heiltä:) Utah on upea paikka...