Saturday, November 1, 2014

South Dakota Badlands

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After leaving Laura Ingalls Homestead (blog post coming later as I accidentally deleted some of the photos, and need to attempt data recovery from the memory card), we headed west from De Smet, South Dakota. We enjoyed a glorious sunset on the road.

Wall Drug in Wall, SD, provided us a map which to follow to the Badlands Loop we had wanted to take.

We were not prepared for the magnificence of Badlands. Just amazing.

We spotted two bison on the prairie, and I also photographed people to give some frame for the hills and mountains.

After this sign we were looking where we were stepping even more carefully than before!

(Fortunately didn't see any.)

It is so hard to see the vastness in a photograph. But I tried anyway.

Proof that we were there:)

I wanted to get a shot of the kids jumping off the cliff, and even though the first one is missing Mr. D, I found it so hilarious I included it here, also:)

The boys and I agreed - we were relieved it was the Captain who was driving the Mothership! Scary roads, for sure (yet nothing like what we encountered in Utah!).

We spotted many prairie dogs out there - so cute popping out of their holes.

Loved this different landscape! The geological formations were gorgeous.

As we were driving along, we also spotted bighorn sheep at one point.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Badlands Loop gets A+ from the Mothership Crew - we really loved our half a day driving around! There were many points where you can get off your vehicle and walk around. Some hikes, too, although we just walked around a little bit, and mainly enjoyed the scenery from the Mothership.

If you go, make sure to stop at Wall Drug, too, as touristy as it looks:)
(Their coffee is 5¢ a cup, and the donuts are delish!)


South Dakotan osavaltiossa on paljon nähtävää. Nämä kuvat ovat Badlands-alueelta. Wall'in kaupungista alkaa autotie, joka on noin 65 km Badlandsien läpi. Upean näköistä! Näimme biisoneita, preeriakoiria ja paksusarvilampaita. Onneksi ei yhtään kalkkarokäärmeitä tai muitakaan käärmeitä! Preeria, vuoret ja kukkulat olivat vaikuttavan näköisiä. Suosittelemme!


  1. Wow mikä paikka! Kuvasi ovat tosi upeita! Lapsenne ovat todella nähneet valtavasti erilaisia paikkoja elämässään - valtava rikkaus, josta ammentaa voimaa läpi elämän. Kiitos, kun lukijatkin saavat nauttia huikeista seikkailuistanne!

  2. Wau mita kuvia! Aivan uskomattoman hienot maisemat! On teilla ollut katselemista ja sulla valokuvaamista. Ei sen puoleen olis munkin kamera napsunut koko ajan. :D Pitaa pistaa korvan taakse tama paikka matkakohteena. Huippukiva se hyppykuva! :)