Monday, November 3, 2014


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After Mount Rushmore we continued driving west. This was our family's first time in Wyoming (in South Dakota, as well). We wanted to do our driving in the daytime, so we could absorb the beautiful scenery in our travels.

We spotted Devils Tower pretty far away, and that was our Wyoming destination.

Most of my pics were taken from the moving Mothership:)

Still strikingly beautiful colors in October.

We got to Devils Tower National Monument late in the afternoon. There were so few people there. But. We spotted two climbers! Crazy!! Funny thing was we could totally hear them talking up there:)

Since I know you'll now wonder what they said, one thing was: "Am I almost there?" As he was not even half way up:)

The early evening light was so gorgeous at Devils Tower. We took a short hike up a little ways.


You could only go up a certain point without letting the park people know.

On our travels we were blessed with wonderful fall weather. Some really cold nights, but most days so perfect - not too cold, not too hot.

Prairie dogs in Wyoming, too!

As we pulled over to sleep (on the side of the road) in Wyoming, we were a bit in rough shape. The generator would not start. It had been acting up for a while now, but totally conked out on us. Which meant no coach electricity - other than a bit on battery.

Which meant no water, fridge turned off, no way to charge anything - since we were boondocking.

That was roughing it a bit.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We bundled up, still slept (pretty) well, and were able to continue driving in the morning.

We made a reservation at a campground in Grand Junction, Colorado, for the night, and an appointment at a generator place there, too. We knew we'd get coach power as soon as we'd plug in, and sure enough, that is what happened. Plus, at the generator service we found out while our generator did need servicing, the reason it conked out was the altitude! We were so high up.

But our stay in Colorado is another blog post:)

Beautiful Wyoming - we will be back some day - Yellowstone National Park is calling us!


Wyoming'in osavaltiossa kävimme Devils Tower-kansallispuistossa. Hurja nimi, mahtava paikka! Muutenkin Wyoming oli kaunis. Joku päivä vielä menemme sinne uudestaan, Yellowstonen kansallispuisto odottaa meitä vielä. Meidän piti lähteä eteläänpäin, generaattori lakkasi toimimasta ja löysimme huoltopaikan Coloradosta. Yhden yön ja puoli päivää olimme ilman sähköä asuntoauton sisällä, mutta heti kun pääsimme leirintäalueelle Coloradossa, saimme sähköt päälle taas (jääkaapin myös).

Kävi muuten ilmi, että vika oli Wyoming'in korkeudessa! Generaattori tarvitsi huoltoa, mutta se lakkasi toimimasta, koska olimme niin korkealla!


  1. All the photos and scenery are breathtakingly beautiful! I really do have to start talking to my husband about a trip to west.

  2. Thank you, Ina! You should definitely plan a trip too!!