Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wyoming to Colorado

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The trouble with delayed blog posts is memory. I am already starting to forget the details of our trip. I did keep notes in a little travel diary, which helps... some.

So the above pictures are from Wyoming or Colorado - thus the blog post title that was going to be "Colorado, Part I" became "Wyoming to Colorado", because I am pretty sure these are from Wyoming.

I have a ton of pictures from the road. I got very skilled at sliding the RV passenger side window open - fast - and then sticking my camera out the window to snap a shot. Yes, I had to delete hundreds of blurry photos, but I had 'some' keepers, too ;-)

The antelope photos are blurry, but they are the only ones I have, and they were so neat to see I wanted to share them here, also. (Confession: I actually had to google what these deer like creatures were.)

The landscaping changed when we entered Colorado. The welcome sign said: "Welcome to Colorful Colorado", and it really did become more colorful than the Wyoming scenery.

It was a subtle change, but we saw more vivid yellows, and even the blue sky seemed bluer.

More green, even though this was middle of October.

I also enjoyed driving through small towns, imaging what life is like in them (probably fairly similar to life in Small Town, East Coast, too, despite the different landscaping).

Gorgeous. So gorgeous.
(Did you spot the four-wheelers in one of the photos above? Fun!)

We really enjoyed every place we went to, but really loved the colors and scenery in Colorado.

All these photos were taken on 10/18. My notes from that day say:

Saturday 10/18:
- Trouble w generator, couch battery, maybe out of propane too, driving toward CO & Utah
- Beautiful Wyoming!
- Into Colorado
- Staying at Grand Junction KOA
(Showers, laundry, plug-in)

We got to Grand Junction in time to see the sunset and to do a lot of laundry. So good to plug-in and charge all our devices (including the camera battery:).


Ajoimme Wyoming'in osavaltiosta Coloradoon. Kuten kuvista näkyy, kaunista oli matkan varrella, ja kuvia tuli otettua - asuntoauton ikkunasta:)


  1. Voi että...
    Nämä kuvat ovat kertakaikkiaan mykistäviä!
    Niin i-h-a-n-i-a !!!

  2. Kiitos, SatuSanna!!!! Paljon kuvia, paaaljon kuvia vielä tulossa:)

    Thank you, Sharron!!! I hope you'll get to go, too!

  3. Olen taas ahminut muutamassa päivässä näitä postauksia läpi aika monta... Tuppaa välillä jäämään blogit ja sitten luen niitä urakalla. Ihania kuvia! kaunista on ja nuo kivimuodostelmat jotain uskomatonta. Itsekin harrastan tuota liikkuvasta autosta kuvaamista ja joskus onnistuu, toisinaan ei. Sulla on hyvin onnistunut, vaikka uskonkin, että niitä tarkentumattomia kuvia on paaaaljon.