Saturday, November 29, 2014

Utah 2

In our last travel post we were driving scary roads in Utah, and ran into a little problem.

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With all the hills, twists and turns, our brakes overheated!

We needed to pull over and let everything cool down. We happened to come upon a campground entrance, and considered pulling over there to spend the night, but the entrance had a super twisty driveway, and a sign that told us we were too long to make it there (or too long for their RV sites).

Finally we were able to continue driving.

Only to pull over again. In fact, I think we pulled over at least three times before we got down to more level roads.

We took full advantage of the breaks, and goofed around a bit:)

After sitting in the RV for hours, it feels so good to run around.

After our harrowing day of driving, we were so happy to arrive in Escalante, Utah, where we pulled over for the night at a campground. (Which also meant a busy laundry night for mama.)

We were now done with most of the scary roads, but trouble was still waiting for us, but not in Utah. Next up - Bryce Canyon!


Utah'n kiemuraiset ja mäkiset tiet oli liikaa asuntoauton jarruille - loppupäivän meidän piti ajaa pätkän, vetää tien sivuun jäähtymään, ajaa taas pätkän, jäähdytellä taas. Onneksi ei ollut suurempia ongelmia (vielä), ja pääsimme yöksi leirintäalueelle (pyykkiä pesemään, heh). Mutta upeita maisemia, ja pysähdykset teki hyvää matkustajille!

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