Sunday, November 23, 2014

Driving in Utah/Ajamista Utah'in osavaltiossa I

After we left Colorado on Friday, October 24, we headed back to Utah. One day in Moab was not enough, and we wanted to see more.

At one rest stop Mr A and I explored a bit and climbed up a small hill.

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We loved the view, but at the same time kept looking down. Worried about snakes and other creepy crawlies. We didn't see any, but there were a few shed snake skins on the ground. Mr A and I decided we were done with our little walk.

We continued driving. We had an all day drive ahead of us. Our GPS was set to Escalante, Utah.

Our route took us through gorgeous countryside.

Our great Western Trail! The diversity of the terrain surprised us.

The diversity wasn't the only surprise. We came upon some wicked scary roads. Scary in a small vehicle, I'm sure. Wicked scary in a 35 foot motorhome.

Scary when we looked ahead, scary when we looked to the side.

Did we make it through this stretch without mishaps?


But that is another blog post.


Coloradon jälkeen palasimme Utah'in osavaltioon. Henkeäsalpaavan kaunista maisemaa näkyi ikkunasta ajaessamme länteen ja lounaaseen päin. Osa teistä oli todella pelottavia, ja pientä ongelmaa tulikin, mutta siitä lisää seuraavassa blogipostauksessa....!


  1. WOW!!!! Utah is a State I haven't ever been in (well, besides Salt Lake City's airport!) We want to head that way sometime. Hope everything is ok after those crazy roads but beautiful!
    Love following your journey!

  2. Ei tässä osaa mutta sanoa kuin VAU! Upeita karuja maisemia ja taas kerran loistavia kuvia!

  3. Gayly, I hope you get to go! We want to go back and explore even more. I'll try to get the next part done soon:)

    Kiitos, Olivia! Paljon nähtävää tässä isossa maassa!