Monday, September 14, 2015

August Maine Photos/Elokuun Mainen kuvia

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From New Hampshire we caravaned to our Maine camp. On the way north I stopped to get groceries, and picked easy and quick dinner items, like Panera's lobster bisque. I offered Mei Mei a spoonful of my bisque, and she loved it so much I didn't get any:) I'd say that was a perfect first meal in Maine for her!!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I think Mei Mei loved our Maine camp as much as we all do. There was so much space for her to run around and push her baby in a stroller.

One night we gathered around a campfire by the lake with some of our friends and neighbors. Mei Mei didn't want to miss anything, so she woke up after going to sleep and joined us by the fire, too.

The lake water was still so cold! We had to go in, of course, but brrr!!!! Most of the time Mei Mei and mama sat on the dock and watched the big kids on the water trampoline.

Our beautiful Missy!

The girls and I attempted to go blueberry picking one evening, but either we were too early or too late, we found very few blueberries. No pie for us!

Even though our time at camp this summer was too so short, we treasured each moment. We had had our work visit there early in the summer, and this time spent a few days (the Captain had two days, the rest of us four days). We had planned to stay longer, but realized we needed to get to Florida asap.

So the kids and I packed up our car, cleaned our camp, and drove to southern Maine to visit Grandma and Grandpa (the Captain was already there), and to fill a trailer with furniture to bring to Florida.

You can read about our travel to Florida here.


Aikamme Mainessä tänä kesänä oli ihan liian lyhyt, mutta jokainen päivä siellä oli arvokas. New Hampshire-viikon jälkeen Kapteeni oli mökillämme kaksi päivää, me muut neljä päivää, sitten suuntasimme isovanhemmille, ja Floridaan. Tässä kuvia meidän ihanilta Mainen-päiviltämme!


  1. Onnellinen Mei mei!
    Kuva pojasta loikkaamassa kumirenkaan yllä on kaunis - upeat värit!

  2. Ihania kuvia! Ja voi tuota pikku rimprempsaa...... :)

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the photo of one of the boys jumping on the trampoline in the lake. That's a winner. :)

  4. You can tell the kids just adore Mei Mei!!

  5. Lovely photos.
    Yes, beautiful Missy!

    God bless you all! <3