Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Miracle of Love

I wish I had been able to blog each day in China, or at least right after coming back, because I am already forgetting so much!! Fortunately I can pull back what I wrote on our Facebook page each day, so I am copying and pasting this text below from there - with new photos:)

From our time in Guangzhou:


"Today (August 3rd) we visited Chen Academy, and saw amazing carvings, art and embroidery. Really hope to blog about all these cool places when we get back home. Also took an emergency run to Carrefour supermarket for water, diapers, formula, coffee and chocolate (all the important necessities). We also fit in pool time, and a yummy dinner at a noodle place. (I briefly edited three photos of another adoptive family, yesterday we traded sessions at the hotel:)

Tomorrow we have our US consulate appointment in the morning, and hope to visit a museum nearby. (Little Miss will want to squeeze some swimming in, too.)
New things we've learned about Mei Mei. I'm sorry if I repeat myself, my head has not been great the last 2 days (I get migraines, and while I have been functioning through these, by 7 pm I am starting to circle the drain).

She continues to call me mama, can say mei mei (it means little sister in Chinese) and all done. She recognizes Little Miss' name and Mr A's name, and might be trying to say them, too. Kind of hard to understand some of her sounds. She says and signs all done, and signs milk. She understands the sign for water. She shakes her head for no, and nods for yes.

We've learned she is a lot like Mr D as a toddler. If there is a drawer or cupboard open, she won't rest until it is closed. She wants to wipe down messes (hence the photo, her toothbrush had drool on it, lol), and loves to throw things in the trash.

She does not like the high chair, or footed pajamas. She gives high fives, kisses (she puckers up her lower lip and gives a wet kiss) and hugs. If she hears a baby crying she is very concerned.

Mei Mei was born with a cleft lip and palate, and while her lip has been repaired here in China, her palate has not been. She has no trouble eating or drinking though. And today she showed us how she can blow air from her mouth! I thought that would be hard with the palate. She doesn't know how or can't suck through a straw.

We really are amazed how well she is doing. I am so thankful many of you have been praying for her transition and attachment.

She's a little fire cracker, full of spunk and personality. She fits in our crazy family perfectly!"


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Reflecting now:

These three photos above are precious to my heart. Mei Mei saw pictures of her ayis (aunties or nannies at the orphanage) on my computer, and got very excited! She was kept babbling and pointing and was so happy and animated. We looked at their photos a quite a long time. She was so loved. So loved.

I still get choked up thinking about her loss. Yes, adoption and family is much better than life at an orphanage, but a loss is a loss, and a loss of love, especially to a two-year old, who doesn't quite understand it all, is huge.

And then, after looking at her beloved ayis, she snuggles closer and gives me a kiss.

All glory to God. Amen.

Such a miracle adoption is. Beauty from ashes. We are privileged to walk this road. So happy with our Mei Mei, with all our children. And yet my heart is broken. How do you visit an orphanage and not be broken? How do you see pictures after pictures of precious little ones, with no one to claim them as their own? What do you do after having the miracle of love unfold before your own eyes? After your eyes are opened to the orphan crisis, how do you move on?

I don't know.

But I do know this. I want you to go read this post from No hands But Ours: Yes. And pray. Pray for the orphaned children, pray for families to say yes.

Pray about saying yes.

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