Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Chen Clan Academy in Guangzhou

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Chen Clan Academy, also called Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, in Guangzhou, is definitely worth visiting. I remembered it from our 2006 visit, and was excited to be able to go again. This former shrine has been turned into an amazing folk art museum.

The architecture alone is stunning and so intricate. There are nineteen buildings you can tour, and could easily take all day to learn about old Chinese folk art, and admire each craft. We walked through the museum in maybe two hours, and saw a lot, and missed a lot:)

I am in love with Chinese silk embroidery, which is something special to Guangdong Province. When light reflects off the silk it looks like image is alive - so beautiful!

And sorry, no cute images of Miss Mei Mei on this post, the photographer was carrying her at this museum. But in the next post I will have some cute ones coming up:)

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