Saturday, September 19, 2015

Settling In/Kotiutumista

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In August we moved into our new rental. We are still settling in, and have work to do, but it is starting to feel like home, and we are finding good routines for our days.

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So many new things... Everything is new for Mei Mei, and there are a lot of changes for our whole family.

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It is as it should be.

Change can be hard (always has been for me!), but the growth that comes from stretching out of our comfort zones is so good. The benefits and blessings far outweigh any struggle.

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I mentioned some of our changes in this post and I am working on a homeschool update post, but briefly: transitioning to college classes, and transitioning to homeschooling with a new toddler have not been without their challenges... I'd say all of us have had to work on time management skills.

And at the same time - finding a balance and setting aside the to-do list, and discovering joy in the little moments.

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Our family is so blessed with the gift of seeing the world through the eyes of Mei Mei. She is so full of joy and excitement, and it is contagious!

Joy in the midst of changes - such a gift from God!


Olemme pian olleet kuukauden Floridassa, ja edelleen riittää töitä, että saisimme kodin valmiiksi. Mei Mein maailma on täysin muuttunut pienessä ajassa, mutta on meidän koko perheellä ollut paljon muutoksia viime aikoina. Muutokset eivät ole helppoja, mutta ne tuovat kasvua ja siunausta, jos ymmärrämme ja hyväksymme ne osaksi Taivaan Isän suurta suunnitelmaa.

Pikkuhiljaa alkaa löytyä uudet rutiinit, ja tasapainoa työn täytteisiin päiviin. Kirjoitan erikseen koulujutuista, mutta ihan helppo ei ole ollut teinien koulumuutokset, ja jopa Pikkuneidillä ja mamalla on ollut uutta tehdä koulujuttuja Mei Mein kanssa:)

Onnellisia olemme, että Mei Mei on ollut lahja meille Taivaan Isältä, hän tuo paljon iloa päiviimme!

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  1. I am loving all of these posts about your newest addition. We have friends that are going to China in October to pick up their little boy. I am so excited for them and him. It's been fun to see your journey with Mei Mei. She is so adorable. I love the expression of her face in the post where you take her to the beach. May the Lord bless these transition weeks and months.