Monday, September 21, 2015

Homeschool Year 2015-2016

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This year we have four 11th graders and one 4th grader. Plus a sweet toddler, who is helping us get very creative with our homeschool hours:)

Our teens officially started classes on August 26th, but they really didn't get a summer break this year, at all. They spent most of their summer working on Biology from last year, and took a summer Algebra II class with Mr. D Math, which they are still working on. And on August 17th they started Pre-Calculus with Mr. D Math.

We had planned to continue Sonlight with them this year, as we really enjoyed our Sonlight curriculum (Core 100) last year, but instead God lead us to a new opportunity: the teens are taking free classes at a local college, earning credits for high school and for college with each class they take. The classes started on August 26th. We arrived in Florida on August 25th.

We had learned about dual enrollment in St. Pete, and had seriously considered it, but it hadn't been the right time.

I love watching how God puts all the puzzle pieces of our lives together as we pray for guidance. With the adoption of Mei Mei, we needed to do less traveling anyway, so the timing was right in enrolling our teens at a local college this year.

Three of our teens are taking the same English I class, and four business classes (two now, and two later in the fall). Mr D is also taking an online Weather and Climate class, and Missy is taking a Drawing class. They have a friend taking one of the business classes with them, and when school started they discovered they knew some of the students from youth group!

Mr T chose different classes, and has a quite the work load with his English, Macro Economics, Financial Accounting, Elementary Statistics, Western Civilization, and Anthropology classes. One of his professors is in our home fellowship group from church:)

This has been a challenging change in our teens' lives. They have had co-op classes, and online classes before with other teachers than mom, and deadlines to meet, but college classes are a bit more serious... There has been quite a bit of homework, and definitely learning of time management skills. And already at least one all-nighter for the boys.

I am hoping we are still finding our groove in this, too. It hasn't even been a month, yet.

But their work load is heavy enough, we have not been able to add anything else to their schedule. I had purchased Apologia Chemistry books, but we are not starting that yet. If we have to, we'll add a summer semester or even an additional year to our high school.

Even with all the challenges we are excited about this new change in our homeschool high school. Our teens have found their classes interesting (for the most part:), and financially it makes a lot of sense for us as our quadruplets get closer to graduating from high school...

We are very thankful for this opportunity, and keep praying for our teens in this new chapter in their lives.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Little Miss started fourth grade about a week ago. Since mama and her do school together, we just needed to wait and get more settled after our move. Plus having come from China in August with a new toddler we were not ready for school. And there was the fact our school curriculum didn't arrive until September 10th:)

Little Miss is using Sonlight Core C with Math-U-See. On the computer she does Explode-the Code and daily math drills on We also have Spelling-U-See and a handwriting book, but are not sure if those are keepers for us at this point. We really enjoy the books Sonlight picks, and enthusiastically dove into our school material.

There is a homeschool gymnastics class nearby we are considering for Little Miss, but we'll have to see if we can fit that into our schedule. Homeschooling her with a toddler takes a bit longer than it did last year, and Mr T has needed quite a few rides to school, since his schedule is different from the other teens.

Our new home is within a walking distance of a playground and a library, and within a short drive to the beach. Most likely Little Miss will be doing her schoolwork in creative places! She already has been doing some of the readings in the car as we've given rides to Mr T, but as she gets carsick fairly easily that probably isn't the greatest solution... :)

I am also researching making some busy bags for Mei Mei to keep her occupied during the home hours we do need to get school done. At least we have nap time as long as mama doesn't fall asleep beside Mei Mei:)

While we do have a full school year this year, I am thankful for the flexibility homeschooling gives us. We'll be able to work around the teens' schedule, and Mei Mei's needs, and still get our school done - even if it requires some extra creativity and scheduling.


  1. Sounds like the children and you have your hands full with school and Mei Mei! :) Want to wish you all the best of luck for this year. I'm sure it will be very rewarding in the end.

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