Monday, September 7, 2015


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Traveling is not for wimps. Traveling from China to US is not for wimps. Traveling after being sick for two days is not for wimps. Arriving at Boston Logan airport and being greeted by the U.S. Immigration officials is not for wimps.

Traveling with a newly adopted toddler from China to US while recovering from travelers' diarrhea, and arriving at the Boston airport and having to deal with the U.S. Immigration officials is definitely not for wimps.

Hard things.

This is what I wrote on our Facebook page after arriving:

Guangzhou to Beijing was an early morning, but all went well. Transfer at Beijing was NUTS. You have to get your luggage and re-check it and get boarding passes. Several check-in points, long lines. We had 2.5 hrs, and barely made it. Then sat at runway for an hour due to electronic issues. It was hot & Mei Mei started signing all done (great). But the flight went fine once airborne. It was long (12.5 hrs), traveling with a 2-year old is challenging, but we were glad to head back. Little Miss was sniffly and Mei Mei started coughing, but our stomachs were fine!

We were so thankful to land in Boston, but didn't realize we still had a hurdle to overcome.
Our immigration experience in Boston was horrible. So, so horrible. Have to find out who we can contact. First we waited an hour as we couldn't go through the U.S. Citizens line (because of our adopted children).

Then we, and another family (with a connecting flight!) were basically kept hostage with travelers who had visa violations and had entered the country illegally (?). It was a packed room, first come first serve, and the officials were yelling and threatening people. Mei Mei and I were separated from Mr A & Little Miss, couldn't leave the room, and weren't allowed cell phones.

But finally, after 2-3 hrs we walked through the doors, and as soon as I saw the Captain and the kids I lost it and started crying:)

My photographer friend Julie was at the airport, waiting with the Captain, Missy, Mr D and Mr T, for hours. (Thank you so much, Julie!!!! These photos are so precious to our family!) She took all the pictures below plus many many more I couldn't include in one blog post...!)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The waiting crew... On August 7th, at the Boston Logan Airport.

We made it through the doors, and I lost it.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

So good to see everyone!! We are finally together! Mei Mei was a little overwhelmed. We were all very, very tired.

Here in the hustle and bustle of a busy airport a new chapter is starting in the story of Mei Mei.

And in the story of our whole family.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I love the emotion I see in these photos Julie took. The story they tell.

This last one is a quick photo Julie snapped on the Captain's iPad. Our family of eight!

On my Facebook post I continued (on August 8th, our first morning back):

Mei Mei was clearly overwhelmed and a bit unsure of all these new people, but she warmed up pretty soon. The car seat was a shock and she screamed through Boston (who wouldn't, lol, although after China it all seemed very civilized:)

We stopped to eat and Missy got her first kisses from Mei Mei!

And as we got to our lodgings for the night, Mei Mei had a fun time exploring and playing, wasn't clingy to mama at all! Bedtime for a little rough, but I had very low expectations for our first night, so I think we did pretty well. She ended up sleeping between the Captain & I for most of the night, even though she wasn't 100% sure about daddy yet. So I think our first evening & night together were fantastic!

She is still asleep now:)

So thankful to be together as a family of eight! God is so good!


  1. Tuli kyyneleet silmiin - ihana että olette nyt kotona Meimein kanssa! Kaikkea hyvää!!

  2. Uskomattoman liikuttavia kuvia. Matkaa seuranneena Saaran kurkotus sai itkureaktion aikaan. Samoin myöhemmät kuvat olivat uskomattomia. Erityisen onnellinen teidän perheen puolesta. :)