Monday, September 6, 2010

The Fantastic Bay Of Fundy/Fantastinen Fundyn lahti

Hands down, the most fantastic experience of our road trip was playing in the mud! Yes, really!

We only spent about a day in Nova Scotia, but it was the best day of probably the entire year! We had heard about the world's highest tides there, so once we got to Nova Scotia we googled Bay of Fundy and discovered a great blog called Bay of Fundy Blog. After spending a good time reading this blog we decided to spend the day at Five Islands Provincial Park.

Even though we didn't get to the area at the point of lowest tide (it was maybe 1-2 hrs after), it was so impressive to see the bottom of the ocean almost as far as we could see. Enticing, wonderful, red mud just waiting for our bare toes! Yum!

100 billion tonnes of water daily

Each day 100 billion tonnes of seawater flows in and out of the Bay of Fundy during one tide cycle more than the combined flow of the world’s freshwater rivers!

When can you experience the Tides?

Visitors can see two extraordinary high and low tides every 24 hours. The time between a high tide and a low tide is, on average, six hours and 13 minutes. As such, you can reasonably expect to see at least one high and one low tide during daylight hours. (From the Official Site of the Bay Of Fundy.)

We arrived at the Five Islands Provincial Park and raced out to slip and slide in mud. There were a few other people out there, some locals digging up clams, and a few other tourists taking pictures and walking around.

This park is the home for the annual Not Since Moses race. We had just missed it by 1-2 weeks, and sadly discovered we can't make it back next year either (it will be on July 3rd), but one of these years we will make it back in time for the race!

We walked to the rocky point on the left in the pictures above. By the time we got there we realized the tide was coming back in pretty fast and we had to get back quickly if we didn't want to swim :)

What a fantastic, fun, fabulous Bay of Fundy!


Reissumme kohokohta - ehkä koko vuoden kohokohta - oli Fundyn lahti Kanadan Nova Scotiassa. Kannattaa kurkistaa linkkeihin englanninkielisessä osassa postauksesta. Fundyn lahdelta löytyy maailman korkeimmat vuorovedet, ja kun pääsimme Five Islands-luonnonpuistoon, eteemme avautui ihana mutainen lahti. Leikimme mudassa, kävelimme merenpohjaa pitkin ja söimme lounasta sillä aikaa kun vuorovesi nousi taas ja kattoi taas lahden. Ihana paikka! Ehdottomasti palaamme takaisin joku päivä!!


  1. Ihanaa! Voi te onnelliset! Juuri pari päivää sitten puhuin miehelle, että Nova Scotiaankin pitäisi päästä! Jostain syystä ei sitten koskaan päästy sinne, vaikka se vieressä oli :(

  2. Well I may sometimes envy your travel adventures, but I certainly don't envy your laundry!! This looks like such a neat place. I've never heard of it or been to Canada either. We need to start heading North more often!

  3. Kenza, oli kyllä niin ihana päästä vihdoin! Toivottavasti tekin joku päivä :)

    One Acre Follies - I actually didn't let the kids go wild in the mud as we were still on our "2-day trip to Maine" and only had 3 sets of clothes :) But the mud dried quickly and washed off easy (there was a spigot on the beach), so it wasn't too bad. Next time I'll let the kids have at it & might join in on the fun myself :)
    But with that said, our laundry is always a bit overwhelming...! :)

  4. Huisan näköistä! Varpaat saivat mukavat mutakylvyt :-)

    Me kävimme vuosia sitten pohjois-Ranskassa Mont Saint Michelin saarella. Se jää nousuveden aikaan eristyksiin, vesi nousee tielle. Laskuveden aikaan mutaista merenpohjaa oli paljon näkyvissä ja muistaakseni sinne järjestettiin opastettuja kävelyitä. Opas kuulemma tarvittiin sen vuoksi, että kun kävelee riittävän kauas eikä enää näe rantaa, menee suuntavaisto helposti sekaisin ja pikavauhdilla nouseva ja virtaava vesi saattaa yllättää.

  5. Hui, Perheenäiti! Me pysyttelimme aika lailla yhdessä paikassa, ei pelkoa eksymisestä. Mutta nopeasti alkoi vuorovesi nousemaan!