Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello From Georgia/Georgian terkut

These first two pics are from home - many many (many!) miles ago (how could it only be yesterday morning?). Grandma & Grandpa waved us off early in the morning after a mad packing (and organizing and cleaning!) day. Good-bye! Sniff :(

Little Miss was carried into the Mothership Tuesday morning. She didn't even stir.

The Captain did an amazing job driving - we arrived at my sister's house at midnight after starting this trip at 7 am... It was at least 14 hours of driving with a few brief stops. So. Wiped. Out. Me too, and I didn't even drive!

What a great pit stop we had, though! In the morning we got fun playtime, (real) showers, fantastic company, a place to share our trash (we are nice that way), breakfast & special baby cuddles too!

The big kids met their newest cousin for the first time - and we all took turns loving and holding her (insert a lot of hearts here - we are in love!). Baby Cousin is two months old this week!

We left Virginia mid-morning(ish) and just arrived at a campground in Georgia. Everyone is weary of traveling, but we should arrive in Florida tomorrow. So grateful of our safe travels..


Eilen aamulla lähdimme seitsemältä aamulla Uudesta Englannista ja ajoimme puoleen yöhön saakka siskoni luokse Virginiaan. Ihan puhkipoikki pääsimme perille, mutta aamulla oli ilo herätä viettämään aikaa siskoni perheen kanssa! Isot lapsemme tapasivat 2 kk vanhan prinsessaserkkunsa ensimmäistä kertaa (paljon sydämiä tähän). Oli myös ihana rentoutua muutamaksi tunniksi, käydä suihkussa ja antaa lasten riehua isommassa tilassa jonkin aikaa :)

Mutta sitten piti jatkaa matkaa taas :( Ajoimme Georgiaan asti, nyt olemme leirintäalueella, ja huomenna pitäisi päästä Floridaan perille. Pitkä, pitkä matka.

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