Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Typical Tuesday/Tavallinen tiistai

We are settling down, starting our Fall routines - and loving it!! Florida really is a fantastic place to be and homeschool. So much, in fact, that the thought of leaving in November is really sad. (Let's not think about it.)

On Tuesdays we wake up early with the sun (we used to do this all the time when the kids were attending a Christian school - now we try to do this torture only once a week :) for the big kids' photography class.

This week during class Little Miss and I took a walk in the pretty park nearby, and played at the playground. Well, Little Miss played, while I tried to stay put in a shady spot in my jeans and with my thermos of hot coffee. Insanity in Florida! I should just pack the jeans and change into them at the ice skating rink. The coffee was non-negotiable - the Captain arrived home at 2 am after missing his connecting flight in Philadelphia and having to fly into Orlando. (Thank goodness for one-way rental cars!!)

Straight from photography class we head to the ice skating rink. We have just enough time to drive over, eat our picnic lunch, and get our ice skating gear on before homeschool ice skating starts. First free skating, then lessons, followed by more free skating. We are out there for two hours (and our legs really feel it afterward!).

This time Little Miss agreed to do lessons as well! The teacher was excellent and it was amazing to see how much Little Miss improved in just one class. She had a good time, and promised to do the class next week also (as long as mommy comes too). The big kids had a great lesson too, last week was a little bit of a disappointment, but this week's class was a hit. I loved watching all the kids have such a fun time!

After dinner we walked over the beach (lovingly referred as our backyard) for our family game Tar Pit. Nice workout!!

Here's our happy (and slightly out of breath) crew!

The last sunset of Summer was gorgeous.. We are ready for Fall -whatever that means in Florida!


Syksyrutiinit alkavat löytyä, ja tiistaimme ovat täynnä ohjelmaa. Aamulla aikaisin suuntaamme koululaisten valokuvauskurssille. Eilen kurssin aikana pikkuneidin kanssa kävelin läheiseen puistoon leikkimään. Valokuvauskurssilta ajamme suoraan luistelemaan, kotikoululuistelua on kahden tunnin ajan, johon sisältyy myös puolen tunnin oppitunti. Tällä viikolla kaikilla oli mukava oppitunti, ja yksi pojista pyysikin voitaisiinko me mennä takaisin luistelemaan ennen seuraavaa tiistaita. Illalla kävelimme rannalle leikkimään tervapataa ja ihastelemaan kesän viimeistä auringonlaskua. Tänään alkoi syksy kalenterin mukaan!

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